Thursday, March 12, 2009


Alan has bounced off to work happily and I am stuck at home with the two peeing and pooping dogs. haahha. O well. Today is a day of leisure for me and I intend to make my way to Mid Valley mega mall to do some shopping alone. The husband will join me in the evening to watch Marley & Me. Yay.

After the life-altering news last night, I better go and clear my head in the malls and pamper myself more more more!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is once again that I am in my prison cell and writing to you. This cell has been stocked with huge boxes lining the doorway and is in a great state of disarray. I can only hope that I can move ASAP but then again, what I would be looking forward too would be 700sq feet of housing less for the next few months. haiiii.. All for a good cause, you say?

I've just finished class with Hayden during which we constructed a project on our own accord (read: on his mother's accord) to hand in to the teacher for Show-n-Tell in the classroom. Waiting for my next and last class of the day from 6-8pm. Another kiasu mum will call me in a few mintures to enquire about her daughter's progress in tuition classes. *sigh* MM (not = to Mentor Minister) - go figure!

The boredom has sunk in again after my very fulfilling long weekend in Singapore. I have an entire day free of classes tomorrow and I think I will go gallavanting in mid valley mega mall.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our journey back.

Monday 9 March 2009

We went to the nearby hardware store to buy some bubble wrap and then drove all the way to Old Airport Road hawker centre for brunch. Both of us had tasty lormee because the hokkien mee stall wasn't ready for business. I also couldn't find a pohpiah stall to satisfy my cravings. SHUCKS!

After packing the car, we finally started our journey back to our second home at 2pm. Due to the rain and an accident or two, it was a long, long drive back and the husband almost fell asleep a couple of times. So the wife had to stay awake and chat mindlessly with him. We finally arrive at Sri tiara , all spent, at a few minutes before 6pm.

Dinner was near Dog Groomz where we had deposited the dogs. The signboard had read oriental thai food. My egg horfun was bland and unexciting and Alan's thai pineapple rice was too yellow and tasted too much of tumeric. Our egg fu yong was also unappetising.

Jay Jay went a bit crazy when he first saw us and then he raced around the shop marking his territory. Coco had some wet stools but also did his business twice in the shop before we left for home. He had put on SOME MORE weight since the last time we had seen him and I made a mental note to put him on a strict diet to prevent obesity and hyper tension. hahaaha

Home Sweet Home

I spent an extremely fulfilling long weekend in Singapore. We reached home around midnight on Thursday night and chatted with mummy till around 1+am.

Friday 6 March 2009

I met Stephen to catch up over Soup Spoon at Paragon at 230pm and we chatted till ard 5pm. Then the dutiful husband came to fetch me and we headed to Marina Square to check out the furniture there. Much to our delight, we found out that Barang Barang was having a 40% off storewide sale and we decided to furnish our new house with our favourite brand after we found out that we could order the furniture in Singapore and the Baranag Barang in KL will deliver it to us with no extra cost!!!! Ooohhh the boons of having the best of two worlds!!

We also bought some curly twigs and a vase from OVAS (to be collected in Parklane) and then marched to the foodcourt for our meepok fix. We were starving by then, and the meepok never tasted better. :)

Overshooting the budget, we had dessert at Anderson's and then headed for home tiredly.

Saturday 7 march 2009 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA)
We dedicated the whole day to surprising my mother today. ahhahaa

After she had come back excitedly from qigong (where it was raining and her friends celebrated her bday at the market instead), we all enjoyed the pork porridge and you tiao courtesy of May and Paul.

Then, Part 1 of the programme began. We went to Hai Bin prawn fishing outlet at Bishan and spent 2 hours there. Although May and Paul caught numerous prawns, Alan and I agreed that prawning in Malaysia was easier and of course cheaper (50% of the price in Singapore)! haha

After that, Alan left for home and Paul dropped us off for a quick lunch of bakuteh at Haji lane before we girls enjoyed The Works at spa Sauvigon at Bussorah Street. We each had a hydro bath, a signature scrub, a body wrap and also a relaxing massage. Yummy!

Emerging like new women, we then headed to Pomo (formerly Paradiz centre) for dinner at Tao's Cuisine. A delicious and utterly sinful 7-course dinner awaited each and every one of us. My inlaws , Ah Ma and TK also came and we all had a wonderful time disturbing the unsuspecting waiter(s). hahahah I had never seen my mum laugh so much in a night!

To wrap things up, an oreo cheesecake was ordered and we all sang the birthday song loudly to wish Mummy dear a blissful and fantastic birthday and many more to come! :D

Sunday 8 march 2009

Hayden and parents came at 10am. Hayden had some piece of homework to do and his mama wanted me to help him with it. I had prepared three colourful pieces of A4 sized paper for story writing and hayden was very on task today, writing three different short stories , relating what he had done / will do during his long weekend in Singapore. I was very impressed - both with his attitude that day and also his ability to polish off a piece of my mum's birthday cheesecake immediately after his Mac Donald's breakfast! hahaha.

Alan entertained our 'guests' with pork porridge at marine parade as Hayden and I slogged our butts off. Immediately after that, we headed to Parklane to pick up the OVAS vase. In the end temptation was succumbed to and we bought a beautiful wooden stand as well. I like!

Next, Marina Square Barang Barang beckoned. We discussed and mulled over the items bought stuff like our dining table and 6 chairs, tv console, living room console, big mirror for above console table, masterbed frame, single seater to match our 3-seater sofa etc etc. Since Alan is also a member of Barang barang, we also saved another cool 5%! hahaha. The more you buy, the more you save!

Starving, we picked up a cheese pancake each at Jollibean before flying down to Parkway Parade to meet Leo, Wan Hui and kala.Dinner was at Fish & Co. and highly satisfying. After the gossip was exchanged and all was spoken, we bade each other farewell and Alan and I returned home to bring Ash out for a walk in the park.