Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'll be Home tonight!

Hello all,

I can't believe I'm gonna be home tonight. Will be in Singapore till Monday morning (because Monday is dunno which Prophet's birthday and therefore a pub holic). Hahahah. Wouldn't you just love to work in Malaysia?? Oh well... This trip back is to celebrate my mama's 60th birthday!!! Imagine that?? a Cool 6-0! we are driving back also and I hope Alan won't be too tired to do so-because we again slept v late last nite.

Ok...Good luck to Zesa and Yusheng for their A Level results released tomorrow. I know they will spend a sleepless night tonight mulling over it. hahaha. Or will the music be too loud for Sheng to think?? heh heh.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Attention Please!! We have finally bought our sofa!!! That's Step One to furnishing the House! hahaha After viewing and sitting on almost 3million sofas of different shapes,colours,materials, sizes, we have finally made our decision. A three-seater from Lorenzo! *distant applause* We had to travel all the way to PJ but it was worth it.

Now we ONLY have to find out bred frames, dining table, coffee table, tv console etc etc etc. *faint* The BKT is boiling on the stove as I type and I have tuition tonight - my last class before I head for home tomorrow evening.


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Weekend

I spent the whole of last week busy cooking and killing my fingers and nails. The weekend was spent in a frenzy of furniture viewing (as if we were going to move in next week). We have finally seen a couple of items we like very much and having finally decided to stick to our favourite theme :Balinese resort concept. (phew)

We visted Rozel & Novo (ampang), Lorenzo & Luzini (seputeh) , a cluster of furniture shops in Desa petaling etc etc. etc etc..

Jay Jay started his novice lesson at Taman Desa with a couple of other dogs. He was traumatised halfway through the lesson when a mongrel-looking dog attempted to bite him. He clung on to me after that and refused to let go...from that minute onwards...the lesson went downhill.... :P

It was indeed a long and eventful weekend.