Thursday, July 24, 2008


Nothing much to update unless we are talking about the future. Alan and I have decided to host the Ti-ratana children at our condo for a BBQ during their August school holidays. ahhahha I have not had so many children eating at my place before in KL. The last time we had such a BBQ was with the 4G2 girls at Waterina! :) Ahhhh..those were the days when I still felt appreciated. hahaa. O well.
We have already requested for permission to bring them out and logistical administrative arrangements will be done soon. :) I think it will be fun! In the meanwhile, I will need to plan what to serve up and we have to buy the Kungfu Panda DVD to screen as promised. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singapore Curry Chicken.

After tuition today, I cooked Singapore Curry Chicken. hahaha With the instant curry paste, powder and chilli powder of course! It was a hit with the husband who scooped spoonfuls of the gravy and drank them all up, slurping his lips as he went along. Jay Jay had his fair share of curry stains licked up from the kitchen floor as well. ahahhaa.

Must thank Mrs Lucy Tan for buying me this paste (in a box) and the Chicken Rice paste as a farewell pressie. :) How sweet of her!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At Ti-ratana

Today I had tuition with Hayden from 1230-130pm and then cooked some fried bee hoon for Alan and my dinner.

Lessons at Ti-ratana was very fulfilling tonight. I taught the girls William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 and then had a 2-hour narrative story writing lesson with the class. I taught them how to begin their compositions at the Beginning / Climax / Ending. The class was very interactive and there were surprisingly no sleepy faces. haahaha. We all had a good laugh during the special moments as well. :) Nice!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Arabian Lady Students

I had two new students today - Aisha and Haifa. Both are Arabians who have accompanied their husbands who are on business to KL. We interestingly, sat on the floor, in the multi-purpose hall, and had our 1 hour lesson from 2-3pm.
I taught them how to converse with a taxi-driver, a salesgirl and also a waitress and they took down notes purposefully in a bid to make their trips to KLCC and MVMM more fruitful. After that, I went home to cook dinner for Alan.

We had very fresh food (from Bangsar Pasar Malum) and I steamed the huge prawns, and fried the fish with sweet and sour sauce. Our watercress and pork rib soup was also delicious. The husband kept praising the Housewife throughout the meal.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


To make up for a lazy Saturday, we carried out a busy Sunday schedule.

First, I made us sandwiches which we gobbled down before taking Jay Jay to class. He was a good boy and of course, also enticed by his new treats - cheese sticks! It was almost noon when we left the class.
We decided to bring Jay Jay for further torment at the Bandar Utama Central Park which is opposite 1-U. We took family (lacking Ash) portraits there and also some cute shots (which I will upload later, when Alan is less busy). Alan then proceeded to buy lunch (SUBWAY!) and pay for parking before we headed home.

We commenced on a new HK drama serial (with very handsome hunkies) and after 3 episodes, we then headed out to Bangsar Village to pick up some dinner. Not hungry surprisingly, we settled for some of Madam Kwan's cuisine. I had ipoh horfun and Alan had Nasi Bejari.

Next, we went to the Pasar Malum to pick up some fresh produce. We bought some veges and fish and prawns for cooking for the following week and some supper - otah, mee jiang kuay and also soon kuay!
We left for home again, tired but fulfilled.