Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Prince Ethan's Nursery

With the nesting instincts naturally kicking in (high time!!) , I have devoted my past few days to doing up the Little Prince's room.

Before you enter the nursery, you will be welcomed by a friendly white door on which Ethan's name proudly is stuck, together with two cute little red hearts. :)

Ethan's cosy and magnificent Paddington 3-in-1 cot lies in the middle of the room, flanked by the blue wall. His sheets / comforter / bumper etc are from Aussino and they have been washed thoroughly. I have put up an unbreakable mirror in his cot so that he can entertain himself with his monkey faces when bored (and preferrably then choose to forget about screaming his lungs out). ;P

In Ethan's Sunny Play Corner, there are wall stickers and his name stuck on one of the walls and on the other, two posters (one ABC and one cutesy one of the human anatomy). Education is definitely gonna start early in THIS household. muahahaha. :P

On the floor of the sunny play corner lies the ABC cushy floor 'mat's. The adorable baby pictures have been removed from my room and stuck on Ethan's white cupboards and they really form very delectable decorations~ Especially since all the babies are angmoh. hahaha. Blue eyes and blond...ohhhh what's there not to like??

To the right of the door, Ethan's changing table has been put up and he will have his baths and his nappy changes there whilst he still can fit the table. Outside Ethan's toilet and inside his room, there's an ultraman floor mat (which I had bought so long ago, probably from BKK).

Now all it leaves is for Ethan to come H-O-M-E.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


These two rascals have been trying their luck on our carpet in the living room. Initially out of bounds, the carpet now has become their fav place of rest / recreation. hahhaha. They will cheekily sneak in and lie down quietly to prevent us from noticing. hahaha

Ethan's Updates

Today we went to visit Dr. Ravi again. It's one of our last visits to him before the arrival of our little prince. :)
My goodness, boy was the doc busy today. He arrived at the clinic after an early delivery in the morning (at around 950am) and then proceeded to scan my womb for Ethan's developments for all of 1 minute before receiving an urgent phone call and rushing out again to the labour ward to deliver his second baby of the day. haha
Alan and I waited till 11+am before we could see him again. 8 days after my previous appointment and weight measurement, I was astounded to discover that I had put on approximately 2KG and Ethan, thankfully had put on around 400g! He is now 2.39KG. :P
Doc says to continue to monitor and come back again on Monday 26/10/09. If the growth falls below the normal range then it's time to either induce (if cervis is dilated) or do a c-sec. Looks out our baby is set to come out on 2610!! (my own birthdate was 2601)
Mum, it's time to buy 4D again..... ;P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blueberry Muffins

Because of the success of my previous batch of Blueberry and Cheese Muffins, and also to maximise the blueberries I had bought, I baked another batch of Blueberry Muffins today (w/o the cheese cubes). Ohhhh If I may say so, they are warm, moist and melt-in-d-mouth. :D~ Dr Ravi will get some tomorrow. hahahaa He's gonna complain again that I have made him FAT.

After tuition, and after I passed Shireen the box of 4 muffins, Hayden polished off one in the car and within minutes, apparently reported, 3 were 'gone'. ahhaha.

Eumora "miracle" soap

Today, the taitai in me invested in something apparently not short of a 'miracle'. It's a kind of soap called Eumora which is said to cure (instantaneously) many skin problems like acne, pimples, open pores, freckles, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles, sagging skin, water retention etc etc etc.

One miserable piece of 25g (the size that hotels pack for their guests) will cost somewhere between RM80 to Rm95. Shireen highly recommended this miracle product to me and apparently her husband and her are using it now. She bought it at Mount Kiara open air market. hahhaah. We purchased a box of 4 x 25g together and paid RM175 each. According to the write-up, it's supposed to take over your cleanser, toner and moisturizer as well. To be used once a day. I must hide it from the husband who uses soap like how a coolie in the older days would use those Panda brand soaps and smear all over their bodies after a week of labouring (I am assuming they bathed once a week?).

hehhee.. Will post updates on whether my many skin problems have vanished...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've just finished watching Cocktail, an ancient show starring the very young and hunky Tom Cruise as a bartender. ahahahaa. Had tuition with Hayden today and yesterday to earn the miserable ringgit.

Alan won't be home till late tonight. He has to pick up his CEO and entertain him - does a massage beckon after dinner? :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Weekend

It is nearing the end of a weekend and I've just downed a bowl of birdsnest and now have an intensive hydrating masque on my face. Waiting for Alan to get showered and then we can continue watching DIE (a HK DVD serial).

17 October 2009 Saturday

We gave in to Mr Slumber and decided last minute NOT to go for extra classes with Mdm Yap for Coco- in lieu of his coming examination. So we slept in till around 10+am.

After a chocolate muffin and a piece of kuay lapis each for breakfast, Alan and I stoned around the house and watched DVD before taking a shower and leaving for The Gardens. We had a late lunch at 2+pm of Tony Roma's. I had 1/2 a bbq chicken (with mashed potatos and fresh veges) and Alan had lamb chops (with fries and a baked potato). To wash everything down, we shared what tasted like a Vanilla Sunrise.

Then, we hurried over to La Mode for our hair cut. We were late for our 3pm appointment and poor Bill had to hurry through because we were in a rush to catch our movie. I got a relaxing wash and massage and snipped off most of my locks (in preparation of Ethan's delivery and my lack of opportunities to soak myself in the shower).

The movie, Whiteout, had already started when I tumbled into the cinema at The Gardens. For the next 1+ hr, we were immersed in it and the whiteness.

Next, it was time to shop again at Isetan. Alan bought himself two pairs of business shoes (AGAIN) and then we wandered around in search of MORE stuff to buy. But there wasn't anything that caught my eye.

Whilst Alan was in Ace Hardware, I went into JUSCO and Carrerfour to see if there were any cupboards and such to buy for the house. After a while, I was exhausted. The big belly doesn't do my shopping feats (or feet) any good, I must admit. I can't wait to get rid of the extra weight :P

I dragged my aching feet back to The Gardens and told Alan to meet me at the Japanese restaurant (Sushi-Zen) at the basement. We both had a big bowl of noodles each and then left for home finally. What an exhausting day!

Sunday 18 October 2009

We dragged ourselves outta bed and into the shower to prepare for Coco's class from 930-1030. Jay Jay was his usual disobedient self but Coco was pretty well-behaved :) Good Job darl! :D

After the lesson, we had a healthy brunch at the Ipoh Yong Tou Fu stall in Kuchai Lama whilst waiting for Dogroomz to be opened. In the meanwhile, Jay Jay and Coco entertained 1 fatty boy, 1 screaming toddler and 1 very bored looking waiter. haahha

After leaving the dogs in the good hands of Liz and Ting, we left at around noon to head for home. After showering and relaxing, we pursued DIE for a couple of episodes until my eyelids couldn't take the strain and I begged to return to slumber whilst Alan graciously agreed (and started painted yet another body of his R/c car) :P

I woke, an hour later, and the husband still refused to relinquish his compressor / paint brushes.
At ard 530pm, we went to the Pasar Malum (and dropped En off at TMC to pick up groceries) to buy our usual load of food to last us the week.

Insistent on eating as much fish as possible for Ethan's sick, we picked up Rm109 worth of Salmon and cod fish (and a plate of prawns) and then headed to buy some fruits (3 juicy peaches, 1 australian nectarine, a packet of grapes and some apples and oranges) and then spent another RM44 at the vegetable stall.

We bought En her dinner at the market and then picked her up and dumped all the barang at home. Then, Alan and I went to have dinner near Dogroomz (pork tendons claypot AGAIN, fried tunghoon and a plate of vege) and then fetch the two little doggies home.