Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I realised my days are getting less and less busy and my students are getting fewer and fewer. ahaha. I must increase my opportunities by advertising more widely. It can get boring with nothing concrete to do. Most of the days, I only have scheduled either 1 or 2 max students. *sigh*
Anyway, today's Tuesday and I am counting down to my family visiting me from 7/12 till 14/12. hahaha It will be one exciting week filled with good food, fantastic shopping, facials and massages! Malaysia will be on SALE from Novemeber end till start of January as well as EMBRACE this opportunity, everyone and hop across the causeway for a great time. ahahhaha. Now now, I ain't turning Malaysian (unlike my husband ;p) but savings (while shopping) during such a turbulent time is fantastic....sure beats stopping shopping ya?
Today, ALan and I will be checking Quarantine at Mid Valley. Hope I don't develop a headache cos it's kinda like Blair Witch Project ya? I better bring a plastic bag in case I get motion sickness in the cinema. ahahhaha.
Anyway, today is a relaxing day (again) for me because I've only got Hayden as my student today. :) We are going to write about Cinderella - as requested by The Mum, since his school teacher will be asking them to write that fairy tale in class on Thursday. hahaha. It's brain-washing the kids to believe in the "Happily Ever Afters" again!

All the above are photos taken by MY bedside of the two furry brothers. Da Bai and Xiao Bai. They can co-exist harmoniously (although in general, Da Bai is the one giving in to XB) and XB gets his way most of the time. hahaa.

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