Monday, October 13, 2008

Jay Jay is ONE!

Dear all,

11/10/08 (Saturday)
Not much to update. We had a busy lil weekend again. I had previously purchased a facial for Alan and myself at Pavilion from New York Skin Solutions and we headed there after a breakfast of coveted meesiam on 11/10 noon. After analysing of skin and yadah yadah, we were ushered into a couples room in their Mid Valley outlet. Thus began the 1+hour experience. Alan teared buckets as the skin consultant proceeded to remove his built up of black, white and grey heads and after the session, my freckles (seriously) became lighter and Alan (hahah) announced his face felt lighter. hahaha. Of cos, the hard-selling began soon after.

We had initially wanted to bring J to the park for an evening of fun but by the time we emerged from the facial, it was pouring. We went to grab some groceries from JUSCO and two slices of cake from Secret Receipe and then headed home to sing the lil One a Bday song. hahaha.

We had a quick bf of Mr Ho's Fine Food Sausage (err yah.. it's a brand least I never typed Mr Ho's Fine Sausage)... we went to the central park for a lil walk with JJ. The park was swamped with huskys and we found out soon that every sunday there was a gathering there. haha.
After a while, we then left for Ikano Power Centre to bring J for his grooming. Becos we had left him for 3 weeks with a friend, his fur was very knotty and unruly and the poor fella had to be shaved again. sigh. Now he looks like an alien once more. :P
It took almsot 3 hours to get him done and we roamed around in Ikano and had assam laksa lunch at Uncle Lim's. haahaha. Don't ask me why the names of the shops are so ...
We got home around 2 and played Time Crisis (with 2 guns this time) till Alan had to go meet his boss for dinner. :P

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