Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jaundice & Ginseng Chicken

Baby Ethan is getting more and more yellow by the day. His worried parents will therefore bring him to see his paedetrician later today. Since the doctor is so busy, and we are walk-in patients, we were given the 5-530pm slot to go to Gleneagles to see Dr Lim MK.

Ethan has not been sleeping well for the past two days. Since the CL left on Wednesday, he has ceased to take afternoon naps. Thankfully today, this phenomenon has ceased and he is now in his rocker chair snoozing. *phew*

The days and nights do not have any perforation any longer. They all merge into one long feeding session. hahaha. One wonders how much longer it will take for me to morph into Panda Woman!! 930pm - Home again We have returned around an hour ago from the hospital. We waited from 515pm till around 645pm to see the doctor for about 5mins. He confidently / arrogantly / borchuply told us that there's nothing wrong with Ethan after "examining" him for a few seconds.

Ethan sleeping soundly in the doc's clinic

Anyway, it's good that there's nothing wrong with Ethan. We paid RM60 to hear the doctor say that. Well, since we were out and had to eat anyway, Alan brought me to our favourite Korean restaurant in Ampang. We last visited there on our 6month wedding anniversary - so you can imagine how long ago that was! Both of us had Korean Ginseng Chicken (with glutinous rice inside) and I had a carrot juice and ALan had a citrus tea. Yumz. Our little one was an ANGEL and slept throughout the dinner. He enjoys the rides in the car seat as well, we think. It's so cushy and comfortable! He slept all the way till we got home and continued sleeping somemore until we woke him up for his feed. ;)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Factory is CLOSED

Everyone!! Ethan is ONE MONTH OLD today! *clap clap clap* We survived!!! I survived the smelly herb baths, the meaty lunches and dinners, the heaty longan and red date teas and the eating of fish by the oceans...That all excludes the sleepless nights when Ethan will feed and feed, the changing of pee /poo ridden diapers and nappies and the deafening wails and screams that resound throughout the day and night. YaY.

My confinement lady left at 1pm yesterday and she left me her 'namecard' and asked me to call her if I needed her help again because we are such good employers. Alan gave her two big angpaos (one to welcome her and one to bid her farewell - customary, both) and my inlaws also gave her another angpao when they were in KL. Not to mention, the CL (Mdm Lim Suey Huey) also had my maid to help her throughout the confinement - even during the late-night-feeds. OF COS she would wanna come back to work for us. Hahahah But TOO BAD, this factory is closed. Enough. I am stopping at ONE, thank you very much!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relishing some pockets of Freedom

Today, Alan had to go back into the office for a while but after that, he promptly picked me up for a late lunch at 145pm. We headed to the Gardens again and decided to try the Korean food eatery at the basement for once.

I had stir-fried tanghoon (I am sure they didnt call the dish that on the menu) and Alan had chilli cuttlefish with rice. I do miss eating chilli and curries *sigh* But what to do? If I indulge, I am sure poor little Ethan's belly will be on fire once he feeds. :S Must sacrifice for Motherhood (lah).

After having the unsatisfying meal, we headed to MVMM to change currency and also to pick up some stuff at Ace Hardware. I bought a weighing scale to see how many pounds I (didnt) (lose) and also to weigh Ethan and Alan bought some miscellaneous items. Then, we headed home as both of us were zoning out due to the lack of sleep. haahhaa. DuH

Happy FULL MOON Ethan darling!

22 November 2009 SUnday

Today we celebrated Ethan's full moon in advance. :) Alan and I woke up a bit earlier than we usually did on a Sunday and Alan left for the market to pick up some fresh food whilst I gave our precious little prince a bath. :)

Ethan was his usual water baby self and after his bath and when he was sweet-smelling, I brushed his long locks and snipped off a bit of hair at the nape and put the hair into a red packet. The red packet is now in a scrapbook (which I had bought in Australia) I am keeping to record all Ethan's important moments and cute pictures. :)

After Alan Daddy got home, he marinated the pork chops and cooked the sphagetti whilst I nursed Ethan etc. We then went out again to buy a big Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate our godson, Hayden's 7th birthday and also Ethan's full moon.

At around 230pm, the Kua family arrived and we all dined together. Our little one was an angel and fell fast asleep just minutes before the doorbell rang. After we devoured the Aglio Olio and the pork chops with mushroom sauce and the chicken soup (courtesy of Campbell - I have no time to make my own soup nowadays), we brought out the cake and sang the birthday song.

Then, the doorbell rang and the delivery man was here with the cakes for the full moon celebration we had ordered for our friends and Alan's colleagues. So after lunch was over and our guests had left, we went to Meng Koo's and Christine's to deliver the cakes. On our way back, we passed our neighbours each a box as well. :)

I can't believe how time has flown by and now our little one is almost a month old. Amazing. Very soon, we will have a tumbling toddler in the house! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

It wasn't a Moody Monday!

23rd November 2009 (Monday)

Because the confinement lady is leaving on Wednesday, my dearest husband has taken the week off to keep me company at home and for me to phase in the changes and enable En and I to cope better. The other most important man in my life bought us both delicious beef horfun for lunch after we had eaten the chocolate indulgence for breakfast. hahaha. I don't think I shall ever get back my waistline :P

With the sudden surge in milk supply - god knows why- I was able to leave the house confidently for a couple of hours. We booked tickets at The Gardens to 2012 and zoomed off at 230pm for the 3pm show. Thank goodness the mall is so nearby!

The movie was cool , in my opinion. The special effects were wonderful. It's also a story of how humanity behaves in adversity. Touching and inspirational. :) I enjoyed all 2hours and 40mins of it, albeit tortured by the guilt of leaving Ethan behind at home with the nanny and the maid. *sigh* It looks like it will take a long long time before I will be able to enjoy myself out w/o the kiddo.

After the movie, Alan and I rushed home (beating the Bangsar Jam by going the Brickfields way) and heaved a huge sigh of relief when we found Ethan well and satiated by the milk I had pumped for him before leaving the house. Yay.