Saturday, July 12, 2008


It is another fifty minutes to midnight and Sunday.

Today was a somewhat busy day. In order to "last minute hug buddha's leg", we brought Jay Jay to the park where he has lessons in order to practise the commands that he has learnt. O yeah... he can "down" in the park already. regardless of the amount of dirt on the ground! hahaha. Tomorrow he will be having his lesson from 1030-1130am.

After that, we had lunch at the big food court and, the creatures of habit we are, we ordered the same food as we had previously - Ipoh horfun (with shrimp dumplings and succulent) and also some dimsum. Today, we tried the Rm1.50 pohpiah but left it unfinished because it wasn't 'nice'.

We went home to rest and watched Freedomland on cable. Juliane Moore was very convincing as a dopey mum and Samuel L Jackson was riveting in his role as a black cop. hahaha.

After that, and many questions on the plot from Alan, we showered then left for The Gardens and MVMM. We surprisingly bumped into Vi-vian with her mum in the Gardens. vi-vian is one of our students who is housed in Ti-ratana Welfare Society. We have realised that perhaps, we can't call their home an orphanage per se because around 60% of the children living there have one parent at least, I think. We need to find out more. It was interesting to note that Vi-Vian's mum looked like she could afford to keep her daughter at home.. so why put her in a home???

Alan went to La mode to cut his hair next whilst I shopped in MPH. I bought two books on SPM materials to adapt for the children in the home. And then went to meet my husband who had suddenly shaved off 15 years of his age with his new hair style... errr he looked kinda gay as well.. but that's a different story...

We went to have a good dinner at Tony Roma's next and Alan had his steak. My rosemary and garlic chicken did not taste appetising AT ALL. Thankfully, the mushroom soup was delicious although very cold.

Lastly, we entered Jusco to shop for groceries for the next week and then headed home to feed the starving Jay Jay.

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