Sunday, July 13, 2008

the Sunday after Saturday

Hello folks... It's 1115pm and husband n I are polishing off some grapes and an apple.. Ahhh a healthy sequel to a sinful dinner. We had taiwanese food at The Gardens and each had a bowl of pig's intestines meesuah and shared a creamy corn soup with pastry on the top. I had a papaya milk shake and Alan (or we shared lah) a scoop of icecream atop a bowl of shaved ice and red beans. YUM to the MAX.

We watched the 3-D movie Journey to the Centre of the Earth where a slightly pudgy Brendan Fraser fought dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions to serve his nephew and his newly made gf. Not bad. At least it didn't make me puke due to motion sickness. Sad to say, I was irritated constantly by the audible "eeeeeeeeeee" made by the woman sitting two seats away from me. She went "eeeeeeeeeeeee" in every possible scenario. Sheesh.

Anyway, in the day, Alan and I brought Jay Jay to school and he was quite a good boy, I must say. At least I was not overcome by the urge to throttle him to death. Or as my ex-students will tell you, "Skin you alive, pour honey on you, hang you by the ponytail onto the blades of the ceiling fan, switch the fan on to Number Five and then set the bees on you." ahem.. I was quite a tyrant in those days.. hahaha but if I wasn't, how to produce such good results ah? hahahaha ;p
I am wasting my teaching talents as a housewife lah. :P

Ok enough of self-praise...

After 'school', we dumped jay jay at home and then took off to 600m away from our house to have roti canai (better known as roti prata in Spore). Sad to say, there wasn't any more roti canai. So i settled for very oily but tasty mee goreng and Alan had beehoon goreng. We both had teh terik kurang manis.

After lunch we went to Klang Lama to visit Petsmore. We wanted to buy dog food and vitamins but ended up with treats and heartgard as well. Then, we hit Watsons and picked up some essentials before heading home to stone.

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