Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Escape from Alcatraz

Hello... just hopping by for a quick update and then it's off to the shower I go to prepare for tuition!

Today's a pretty hectic day. I made breakfast (ham n cheese sandwich) for Alan and myself, bathed the dog, put the clothes to wash, boiled barley water (for us and the sick Hayden) and boiled raddish and pork ribs soup (in the new Japanese earthen claypot) all in 2 hours. Of course, the sickening dog tried to "escape from Alcatraz" but with my pincer grip and my scissor-legs, I managed to keep him by my side until he was fully dried and combed.

Soon, it will be Hayden's torment at 230pm. We will be preparing him for his next writing assignment on his excursion to Lake gardens this Friday.

Then, I will hurry into the kitchen to fry rice for dinner and whip up a storm to satisfy my husband before he morphs into my Teacher Assistant for tonight's class at Ti-ratana. Today, we will focus on writing skills (or the children's lack of them). I have written a model composition on "A day in the Life of a Child in Ti-ratana" and will get them to compare it with what they have all written last week.

Ahhhhh It will be another fulfilling day!

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