Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can You Believe it's Thursday?

Time truly flies and it's past mid-week. How lovely! Husband and I are already planning our weekend rendezvous. haha. It will definitely comprise him going to get a much-needed haircut! To quote my mum, his head is a like a 'peacock'. hahaa.

Anyway, today is yet another day of leisure. There's no tuition today but I have JUST accepted a proof-reading job for this PHD NUS student. ahhhhh.. He is doing Chemistry and there's sooooo much jargon (he emailed me one page as a sample last night) but I guess grammar is just grammar -in any context it still is governed by the same rules.

I have all of 62pages to edit to earn a miserable SGD200+ ( working to be SGD4/page). Money's actually not bad, considering that I am making SGD( my standards are v low nowadays) and also that Mr Ravi had offered me a miserable SGD65c to mark 1 composition and 1 functional writing during the last mid year exams. hahahaa. I should be engaged in more proof-reading jobs!

I remember a few months back, a Malaysian university student approached me online to engage me for "proof-reading". However, he also mentioned that I would have to put bits and pieces of his writing together and write the whole thesis for him! I was really taken aback. Wouldn't that mean that he SHOULD NOT be getting the grade and then I could qualify for the PHD already?? :P I turned him down flatly. So sickening;p

Anyway, today I shall don my chef's hat and experiment in the kitchen. I am going to make some shrimp dumplings! yum yum.


ecky said...

hohoho good luck with the proof-reading... while i was at leeds, i helped to proof-read a translation studies, history, chemistry thesis etc... not easy because the english standard of non-native speakers is... also sometimes i was not sure about what they wanted to say, the meaning was lost among the funny grammar so had to speak to them personally to try and understand what they really wanted to say. btw your PhD nus student is of what nationality?

Sharon Goh said...

ecky!!! got do ur "hw" or not?? hehe His surname is "Ouyang". haahha. I have done the first 11 pages of his thesis already. Can die. See all the chemical bonds until eyes crossed. btw, how much did u charge per page previously???

ecky said...

hohoho was FOC... it was my friends Masters thesis