Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post-lesson review.

Last night was pretty tiring but still quite fun.

Alan taught the kids how to play the piano and when the lesson started at 8pm, most of the students were in the classroom. We started by laying the ground rules of the class and I will type out and laminate the rules and regulations and hopefully the kids will follow them.

Then, I gave out their "compositions" which they had attempted last week and got them to do their corrections in their notebooks - courtesy of the orphanage. After which we played a game of rearranging words to form meaningful sentences. Next on the lesson plan was the going through of a model composition "A Day in the Life of a Child in Ti-ratana". After I painstakingly went through word by word and line by line, the kids settled down to learn the spelling of the more difficult words and then they were tested.

We got a few of them to stay back after class for a feedback session to find out more ways in which we could help the whole class. Vanasa suggested that I teach poetry as well because Literature is taught under English in their schools. I will prepare a short and simple poem for our next lesson. We also started a Class Diary and each student will pen a few thoughts into the diary if it is their turn to bring it home.

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