Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ahhh it's the Monday Bluessss... After reaching our apartment at nearing midnight last night from Spore, and unpacking and stuff, I am sure ANYONE would be blue.

Anyway, it's high time I updated my blog. I've been too busy frantically meeting up with people who play important roles in my life over the weekend in Singapore.

Thursday 3 July

We departed from Sri Tiara at around 4+pm and arrived in Singapore by 7+pm (with the F1 driver forcing the slower cars to the left lane) but immediately were greeted by an hour-long traffic jam along the AYE. *big sigh*

Before we headed home, we went for our usual fix at the East Coast Road MeePok stall. The auntie behind the stove however, was not the usual cook and we were sorely disappointed that the standard had dropped.

Ash went into a frenzy when we reached home and he screeched and shrieked and ran in circles around our feet in his excitement to welcome his parents home finally after a long two months. (Thank God he still remembers us!) Then, we changed and brought him to ECP for a nice walk.

Ahhhh I've forgotten how good it is to take in the cool sea breeze. In KL we have been surrounded by concrete and shopping malls (ok this is a weak complaint) and Nature is all too far away.

After Ash walked us for around an hour, we went back home to sleep off the "car-lag".

Friday 4 July

Alan went to work and I went to school. hahaha Admist the muttered curses of my "good life" and "taitaidom", my friends and ex-colleagues welcomed me back with open arms. I had lunch with around 3 million people and went back to visit 4S1 who took many a photograph with me. hahhaa. It was Youth Day as well and thankfully, I had brought them some chocolates :)

BK took me on a school tour and I was indeed wowed by the changes. Wii in the canteen? Ten sets somemore??? New digital labs? ahhh.. The girls are luckier than they realise they are! Mr Siow explored the possibility that for CIP our girls be brought to the orphanage where I volunteer and I was more than willing to tie up this connection. ;)

After my long long long lunch (I had an orange juice, a honeydew juice and fried rice with vege), Kala and I went to our usual hangout, PP for our usual fix - Anderson Icecream. I had some tea with my waffle and she had a mini fondue set with hot chocolate. My birthday treat to her! :)

Alan fetched me at around 7+pm and we headed to Robinsons at Centrepoint to pick up some electrical appliances. With my 100dollar voucher, we picked up a juice mixer/blender and also a cake dough mixer (for my future baking needs). We had to top up another SGD50 though.

Saturday 5 July

We woke up later and met Zesa to celebrate her bday belatedly. We went to Breeks and then to crumpler at Paragon to pick up her bag. Alan bought one too for himself. The wife and mother inherited the Crumpler carrier which was quite cool as well :P

Then, we met Felicia and Jonas and dot for lunch (eat again??) at the Korean restaurant in Taka. Ahhhh we shared a set lunch and it was DELICIOUS. the Ginseng chicken soup was even tastier that what we had eaten in Korea!!!! tricia arrived a while later..

After some serious chatting and mindless bitching, we bade each other farewell with promises to meetup in september again before dot leaves for Brazil and when I come back for my sister-in-law's ROM.

Alan and I then went to pick up our Simmons pillows are OG and do MORE shopping. We bought some Corelle microwaveable pots and a Japanese earthen claypot for cooking. And some cookies and biscuits and the like.

Soon, we headed for dinner at a has-been mortuary. This restaurant is near SGH and serves us a fantastic fish head beehoon soup. All ten of us (our two families) sat down to enjoy vege, beancurd, prawn paste chicken, sea cucumber and fish maw, pork ribs, cereal prawns etc and a good family get-together.

Sunday 6 July

We slept in again and then headed to Parkway parade to change some SGD into USD (yes we are going to the states soon -claps). Then, we had some yummy ban mian and mee siam at the food court before shopping around somemore. I bought Alan his (practical) birthday pressie - a pair of running shoes from Adidas. Yes, I have already collected $2 from him to prevent him from running away from me. ahahhaa.

Then we went to pick Mum, Jean ( who was still sleeping) and Ening up and headed to Katong Shopping complex to buy chicken rice for lunch. Jean, Alan and I headed to the toiletries shop to pick up some daily essentials and Alan bought two pairs of scissors from the wholesaler next door to cut JayJay's hair.

We brought all the food to Yvonne and Paul's new condo at fernwood for a small ' house-warming' party and pigged out again there. After two hours, Alan and I headed home to rest and we embarked on our long drive home at 7+pm.
p/s: Muahahha Thanks Ecky for noticing my date errors! hehehe

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