Friday, July 11, 2008

What's a Handcock???

Today, I played with my new avatar and then edited ten more pages of the thesis until my eyes were crosssed. After that I took a shower and then prepared for tuition.

After tuition, Alan picked me up in time to grab dinner (we tried something new tonight) at the restuarant Little Vietnam at the top level as Mid valley Mega mall.. ahh good food!! Very authentic I must say!

Hancock followed and Will smith looked weird in those tights. ahhaha. He looked like Aqua Man! (err when I was growing up, this was a super hero who lived in the water. Serious). Anyway, it wasn't such a bad show (even though Nicky gave it not so fantastic reviews). Good action and cheo bu. Good mix. Heart-warming as well.. awwwww.

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