Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super Sunday!

It was a very long-drawn Sunday. Our weekends are getting more n more fulfilling, ya? :P

As per normal, we started it by bringing Jay jay to school. He was an ace student and the instructor praised him throughout the class as he responded very well to commands like "Heel", "Sit", "Stay" and even the new one "Stand". Unfortunately, when it came to the last 15mins, I lost patience with him as he refused to "Down" again! Can you imagine we even brought out his towel and lay it in front of him as we believed that Jay jay thought it too dirty to lie down on public ground!??! Anyway, I almost called SPCA there and then to enquire if they would accept a tear-stained Maltese :P

After dumping the ingrate at home, we went to SS2 (Phoebe had recommended me a good salon there) at PJ to recee. Lunch was sinful and at a food court there. Although it was renowned, we didn't find the food there appetising at all. My fried tunghoon was too oily and bland and the chicken we ordered, too fatty bom bom. Only the "honeylemon drink" I ordered (which tasted suspiciously of sour plum) was refreshing and delicious.

We finally found Kim Marie salon along one obscure lane but decided against doing my hair cos it was too late. We explored the vicinity and found a pet shop. After caressing a bull dog and chatting with one of the workers, we picked up some milk powder for J (although he didn't deserve it) and some liver treat to cajole him to do his treats in class :P

Then we went for a MASSAGE! Hahhaa. For Rm60/hour, we were prodded and slapped, bruised and battered. (My back is aching now from the massage, as I type) and we emerged detoxified - or so the masseur had claimed. Apparently, I am too 'heaty' and when she violently massaged me, all my "heat" was dispelled.

The durian shop directly outside the massage parlour and very near where we parked beckoned and we tapaoed 2 D24s to be savoured at home. Due to our greed, we were punished by the heavens above when the splish splash of heavy raindrops plummeted down and made it difficult for us to get back into the car - a classic case of So Near Yet So Far. The kindly auntie at the stall sheltered us back. Talk about A class service! :)

We decided that the adventure did not have to end there and procceeded to Bangsar village to explore. I discovered a little shop in an obscure corner of the mall and tried on some dresses and tops. Then we went outside to stroll in the lorongs of the pasar malum.

All sorts of things were sold there - raw fish(!), vege, fruits, ramly burgers (jean!), pre-cooked food like nasi lemak etc but we didn't buy anything to protect ourselves from a runny tummy.
We left the pasar and strode to the alleys outside the Bangsar Village and tried to decide what to eat for dinner.

I wasn't hungry at all and the Banana leaf place though packed didn't entice. My Orange lassi was the best part of my dinner even though we had mutton birayni and vege meal and some chicken and fried sotong.

Home Sweet Home to watch Rendition DVD. Alan had commented that this Sunday was very fun because we did things that we had never done before. We shall endeavour to do novel things every weekend!!! We are too much creatures of habit.


ecky said...

I so agree with you that we should strive to do something different during the weekends... while I was in the UK I tried to travel to another city/town on weekends I was free and that made a difference. Too bad Malaysia's inter state transport system not so good otherwise I would think it would be nice to travel out of the city, especially to the beaches etc.

Julian Si said...

Brilliant blog :-) thanks for stopping by mine as well.

ps - SS2 is also a favourite hunting ground of mine, spend way too much time there!