Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a SlooooooOooooW Monday

My Monday was the most decadent since a long time ago. I woke up and had nothing to do. Hhahaha. So I proceeded to bum around and surf the net and update my blog yadah yadah... I baked two packets of Betty Crocker Double Choco Chip Cookies today and will distribute to all the recipients later. Then I watched a bit of cable on TV. Norbit was showing and Eddie Murphy acted as three characters. Quite entertaining but highly unbelievable - The Ugly Guy Nabs the Babe!?!? Surreal!

Dinner was at Robson's and we order a HUGE frog that was cooked in a soup filled with all natural goodness. And also a fried morning glory (kangkong for the uninitiated). An AngMoh called Adam called me up and offered me a job at his tuition agency teaching Koreans. His centre's based in Ampang and I will basically and I quote "open a book and read from there" to the Korean students. And guess how much he is offering me? Rm20/ hour!! Muahhahhaa Also, he asked if I knew anyone who wanted to teach there and who also was "attractive-looking". I queried, "You mean one has to be attractive-looking in order to teach????" He paisehly changed his terms to "decent-looking". OMG. I wonder what kinda tuition agency that is man! :P

Anyway, without skipping a heartbeat, I headed back to my table and finished up my froggie. hehehe.

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ecky said...

hiya:) aiyoh so envy u! first day of school super blur and just karang kabok... hahaha u should have replied back to the guy, oh I earn XXX/hr :D