Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Maxed out!!

Hello folks. It's saturday evening and we had a very hectic day!! I had tuition from 9-11am in my stupor. Immediately after that, we brought Jay Jay to another doctor (this time in brickfield's) to seek a 2nd opinion for his tear stains.

Leaving the clinic at around 1pm, we zoomed back to our home to deposit Jay Jay and feed him his brunch and his medication. Then, we scampered to The Gardens for our previously booked facial. Ahhhhhh The Life! After the facial, we gave in to the cajoling and upgraded our package to enjoy further discounts. The following holds true : "The More You Buy, The More You save!!!!"

We then had a quickie lunch at the taiwanese restaurant and then gelato afterwards. Then, it was Made of Honour for a sweet and touching good time. :) We enjoyed ourselves on the comfy couch in the Signature cinema (RM20/ticket).

Cold Storage beckoned next and we picked up some prawns and lala to fry with our spaghetti. *home sweet home*

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