Friday, June 27, 2008

OMG It's Friday!

In a wink of an eye, we can now smell whiffs of yet another weekend. hahaa. I'm excited for we will get to do something different this weekend - i.e. help out at the orphanage. :) Perhaps we shall buy some items on the orphange's "wish list" posted on their website and bring them for the children? items include stationery, food and medical supplies. Approximately 200 children live in the 2 homes their (one for boys and one for girls) and another 50+elderly live in another home for the aged. All these are governed by the Tiratana Welfare Society and run by a monk. :) I can see that Alan's also pretty excited at the prospect of helping people and my heart has been warmed somemore. :)

Frankly, you need not be the world's richest guy to lift a finger to help the needy. And even if you may not be able to give tonnes of money, there is help that can be rendered in so many different ways! :) So make it a point to HELP SOMEONE today! (ahhhhh Do I sound like Sharity Elephant?) hehee

Anyway, Jay Jay is satiated after his breakfast of his kibbles and a hard-boiled egg and he is alternating between staring at the wall and lick his now-empty bowl. hahaha. Our lil pampered son. I recently have visions of Ash and him playing about happily in Sri Tiara. We miss our eldest son desperately and wish he could be here with us. Maybe one day, we will fetch him over to live with us? :) I don't want to miss out any more on his youth!

Anyway, tonight, after my 2 classes, Alan and I will adjourn to Mid Valley to watch an utterly normaly man turn into an assasin under the guidance of a cheo bu. hahahaa. Yes, we will be catching Wanted! Oh Yeah!

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