Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Dogs Today!

Hello guys. It's amazing that it's already mid-week. I spent yesterday giving classes and then I left for Pavilion at around 530pm. I wanted to just "walk around" and "burn some time" before I met Alan for dinner. In the end, I popped into just ONE shop - Promod- which has stuff imported from Spain, and burnt Rm150 in 15mins. I bought a white singlet and a white pair of capri pants. hahahaha. I can run for PAP now!

I then confidently walked over to Alan's office via the overhead bridge and by the time I reached there, I was disappointed to see that he was still busy. Well, I stretched out in his office and read the papers whilst he slogged n slogged and then it was finally time to leave.

After we bade farewell to his hardworking subordinates, we adjourned to Jln Maluri to Petsmore to look at dogs. Unfortunately, the quality of dogs in the shop had deteriorated beyond words and there were no dogs we actually wanted to carry and hold and drool about. Only the ferret dancing in the window captivated us for more than 1 minute.

Dinner was at our old hang-out. We had a healthy steamboat but Alan insisted on ordering a dish of pork fried to perfection. Because I refused to allow him to order his favourite crabs (think of the cholestrol!), we left the restaurant less than entirely satisfied.

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