Saturday, June 28, 2008

Motivational saturday!

Today Alan and I got outta bed and prepared for our trip to Tiratana Welfare Society. Our GPS finally got us there, albeit bringing us around in a circle for a short while.

We met up with KC Ng who is the OM there and he told us to park in the carpark near the orphanage. We drove a little further up the slope only to find a small open space where afew cars were parked, quelling my dreams of an indoor multi-storey carpark haha.

KC briefed us in his office and gave us information on the orphanages - total head count 205 children. Elderly home - total head count around 60. There is also a woman's shelter there and as many as almost 30 very young infants are being taken care of by "child-minders" and young volunteer workers. You'd be surprised, but there is also a stray dogs' compound as well!! Oh my gosh!

Once we familiarised ourselves with our potential roles to play in this organisation, we were taken on a tour of the facilities of the orphanges. We saw many young children watching tv in a small and dimly-lit living room, a very dark and untidy library (with a mosquito buzzing here and there), a courtyard where the cooking is done and the children's meals are staggered (the children were eating plates of beehoon soup with what seemed to be like some greenish vegetables). We were also brought to the infant rooms and I played with some young toddlers, some of which were suffering from chicken pox. We saw some young volunteers teaching the primary school children math and science as well in a small but airy room.

As we strolled through the compound, KC telling us more, we found our heart-strings being tugged time and time again and my head was working fast and furious, thinking up lesson plan after lesson plan for our assigned students.

Alan and I have volunteered for Tuesday night self-study sessions. We will be getting them to do their homework from school (yes, they attend formal education outside of the orphanage) and also be learning English with us through the use of fun games.

My insecurity: I have never taught in a classroom with ill-disciplined, disgruntle teenagers (KC claims they are) before. All my years of education were enjoyed together with the cream of the crop. I guess my feelings of insecurity are normal. Alan is afraid he will feel like a fish outta water as well. Well, I will head down to Mid Valley tomorrow to pick up lesson materials etc to make classes more interesting.

Anyway, after visiting the orphange, we treated ourselves to lunch at Equatorial Hotel and had pomfret porridge with some dimsum. Then, we headed to Sungei Wang to pick up some magazines and also hair stuff beforeh heading home tiredly.
Dinner tonight was from Friday's and a room service delivery. All the major restaurants in Bangsar have come together to deliver room service to residents in the nearby vicinities. Alan had a beef burger and I, chicken tortillas.
Damn fattening ahhhhh. We are now watching Jiang Shan Mei ren - DVD.

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