Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a Brunette Now.

Hi all!

After a gruelling Wednesday (with 5 hours of tuition back-to-back), it's a day of leisure for me today as Phoebe has cancelled her 1030-12pm lesson. hehehe I agreed with glee!

I shall go and colour my hair (long overdue since I had previously coloured it 2weeks before Cheena New year!!) and then roam about before meeting Alan and the gang for a decadent Jap buffet dinner near his office.

This morning, I surfed the Ti-Ratana Welfare society website. We have decided to volunteer our services there and will be regularly (perhaps weekly?) going down to the orphanges to help out. We will start this Saturday.

At last, the day has come for me to pursue my dream! I don't know why but I've always been drawn to people and I think it's time to get off my fat butt and give back to the society which has been oh-so-kind to me.

I admit, my life has been blessed and plain-sailing. Alan always joked that perhaps in my past lives I was a snail that had been battered and bruised and abused by naughty children, only to be run over by a bicycle. haha. I know not what I've done to deserve such a life but I know what I must do...I must pay it forward!!!

I shall probably teach in the homes but also would like to be more involved with the planning and organisation of things. I hope my utterly incompetent Cantonese and my pathetic Malay will not be a barrier for me! ;P

Anyway... I will definitely update my blog after Saturday and I'm sure Alan will take many pictures to keep you all in the loop! :D
In the meanwhile, it's off to pampering I gooooooooo...

We're back home and watching ASTRO cheena channel where the hosts of the variety programme are testing Singaporean taxi drivers their knowledge of Sporean roads. Hahahha I feel much closer to home now. :D

Anyway, we've just come back from dinner at Sha-Saki, a Japanese buffet restaurant. Considering how little I ate the whole of today (5 ah-ballings and have a cuppa coffee) I must say I didn't have much of an appetite. We had some sushi and some Chinese dishes and also some fruits. The husband of mine also polished off more meat and two scoops of icecream! hahaha

My new hair colour was complimented on by the rest. Hahaha I had sat for 3.5hours at La mode, Mid Valley with Bill my regular stylist and paid a total of RM480+ for colour, highlights and also a treatment. I also went to SaSa to pick up some colour shampoo and also a bottle of Mont Blanc Starwalker for The workaholic husband. :D

There's something wrong with my phone - quite timely actually- and the battery actually burnt into the phone. The phone was very hot and the battery depleted very quickly. :P Time for the I-Phone? yes yes??
The above pic was sent to Alan and myself from Mike, the principal of the orphange in Jakarta. The girls are his "7 angels"... Awww so cute, don't you think???? :)

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