Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday in KL

We roused at around 9+am and decided against bringing Jay Jay to the dog gathering at Central Park in Banda Utama. It was slightly drizzling and we were unsure of how much fun could be enjoyed.

Breakfast was at mid Valley at around 11+am. We went to Toastbox and had our usual fix. Then headed to MPH to pick up teaching materials for the orphans in Tiratana and a book for my tuition student salwa. We purchased coloured paper, pens, magic pens etc. I also picked some motivational bookmarks as 'rewards' for the children.

Then, we picked up our dry cleaned laundry and Alan's altered Ashworth pants and headed back home, not before buying some honey from the wild forests in India and some gentle facial cleanser and also subscribing to Readers' Digest! heeehee.

After we dumped the stuff at home and a short rest, we went to Sri Hartamas area to explore. Dania, my student, had announced that it was really fun there, and we wanted to take a look. What greeted our eyes, after a 20mins-30mins drive was a shopping complex that paled in comparison (with MVMM).

By Malaysian standards, the mall was small and had little to offer, apart from quite a few good eateries. However, when we ventured outside admist the slight drizzle, we discovered a row or two of shops which somehow reminded us of Europe. hahaha How rare, in Malaysia!

We left Sri Hartamas, not buying anything except from Bread Story and Mercato ( supermarket). We picked up 4 packets of cookie dough mix for me to bake cookies for the children in the orphanage and some chocolates for them to be rewarded for good behaviour.

It was still early six o clock so we headed for Ikano Power Centre to look at doggies. The ones there are really of good quality (as compared to those in the pet shops dotting the city of KL) and we were enticed by a Chow Chow, Golden retriever and also a yorkie - in that order. There was a small little toy poddle as well that was SO CUTE!

We left our number to be contacted (by celine) if there were any bulldogs (!!) or Westies that were coming in and will excitedly await the arrival of our third baby! Hehehhe. I will need to change the sofa in Sri tiara to squeeze out more space.

Dinner was at The Curve where we picked up a quick and tasty bite at Dragon-I again. hahaha I had my spicy and sour SiChuan ramien and Alan had pork and spring onions ramien. We shared some jelly fish and dessert was sinful for Alan as he spooned down mango and iced shavings with ah ballings. I had a delightfully comforting hashima (only the best for the wife!)

We picked up more groceries at Cold Storage and then headed home tiredly to rest and relax and prepare for the new week.

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