Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Sagas

Today will mark me finally (in the whole week) leaving the apartment for fun instead of food. hahah Ok lah..

Just had another lesson with Anivksha from 9 to 11am. Another Rm100 made. Today we did something interesting. The play, Frankenstein!!! Cool!

We went to Pavilion for Street Kings the Keanu Reeves movie. Alan was so bored throughout the show as the plot was predictable (and kept interrupting my movie to ask stupid questions). I was sadly disappointed at the lack of chiselled good looks (his face looked pudgy) of keanu but thankfully his bod was still something to keep me awake. Guess his role as a disgruntle cop prowling the streets for thugs reqiured him to pile on the pounds, especially on his face. :P

We had lunch at Thai Express before the movie and piled on the pounds ourselves with papaya salad, rice rolls, pad thai, black pepper prawn tunghoon, red bean milkshake and also coconut icecream dessert. *burp* I felt very guilty for ordering so much and even MORE guilty for finishing it all!
After the show we went awalking to Sungei Wang to pick up Dorothy's requests and stocked up on our collection as well. We roamed around a bit and had a hot drink each at a Games cafe and then decided we were still too full to eat dinner. So we packed some food at Food Republic, Pavilion , and drove home to chill.

We watched The Eye by Jessica Alba but sad to say, it did not prove to be as exciting as the Chinese version (which didn't really chill us out much too, although we got a kick from seeing Chen Zhi Cai, our last-time neighbour on the screen). Then turned in at approximately midnight.

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