Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Married the Best Man!

I JUST woke up. OMG. Alan had let me sleep in today, instead of making him breakfast and his drinks before he hits the road. I didn't even realise that he had left the house until I rouse and peeped outside our bedroom. HUSBAND HAD LEFT! I peered at the clock and it read 10:02am! oh me oh my! (I have since graduated from "BAD WIFE" to "HORRIBLE WIFE". *clap clap clap*

I must have been exhausted by yesterday's 5hour-day. During dinner, I could hardly open my eyes to eat our not-that-fresh-pomfret, sweet tapioca leaves and toufu. Since there is absolutely NOTHING left in the fridge, I even tapao-ed my lunch for today (fried rice), last evening! Hahaha. Enough of maggiee mee for now! *scared*

Last evening from 6-8pm, I had tuition with Dania. It wasn't unpleasant at all. I truly convinced her that reading and writing is fun, using a text I had used during my Literature lesson observation last year (which dazzled Leonard, to say the least. Leonard (the-then-VP) had come up to me, immediately after the class, whilst we were still inside the classroom and told me," Sharon, I have only one thing to say to you, ' I never knew Literature could be so interesting and fun until I sat in your class!'" Wahhhh ok ok , cannot be so hao lian...
I digress......

SOoooOooooo anyway, after the session with Dania, during which she kept asking me when I'd be back from my trip so we could have a following lesson, she looked me in the eye and told me that she had alot of fun and my lesson was very interesting and that she cannot wait to come back for the next class! I am in the right line! Of course, the environment which she was 'schooled' in was great too. She appreciated the quiet of my house and the soft music (iRelax ANYWHERE) soothed her tired soul.

Of course, my exhaustion after that is another story. XP~~

Ok today's gonna be lighter. I have only one class from 7 to 9 pm. Am going to go to the gym. I've neglected exercise due to the jam-packed tuition classes and today I shall make up for it!

It's been a nice and relaxing day and I enjoyed myself doing nothing. :)
Just came back from hitting the gym and wiping away my guilt together with the beads of sweat on my furrowed brows.
Gonna take a nice long shower (and use up all the hot water) and wait for Su Li to come at 7pm.
The Husband will buy me dinner for tonight (and my lunch for tomorrow).

23:33 Jay Jay's a MAN.
Alan's on the Chair and I am waiting for him to go to bed together. The dutiful wife. Tell you all something: Jay Jay is dropping his milk teeth!!!! Hahhaha. He came to us just now and suddenly something fell outta his mouth. I peered closer at the white little pearl gem on our carpeted floor. Hahhaha. A tooth! And then, a few minutes later, out popped another! Goodness. At this rate, he'll be bohgay in 2 hours!!!!

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