Monday, April 14, 2008


Lunch time

Dear all,

I am "feasting" on my spicy mushroom flavoured korean instant noodles (courtesy of the nice neighbours) and going to plan my lessons for the fortcoming week. Today, surprisingly, I have no lessons but tomorrow onwards will be pretty hectic with approx 2 or 3 lessons per day.

Alan has reiterated a couple of times the past few days, how lucky it is that we did not print flyers advertising my tuition services. We were contemplating distributing 1000 adverts to the neighbouring condos to increase publicity and of course the odds of me getting more students. But hell, I can't really cope already.

And you know what, guys? I have JUST ( 15mins ago) accepted another student! *claps* She is a 38-year old freelance travel agent and I accepted her because I can accomodate her into my busy schedule - She can have class in the mornings! How refreshing! She wants basic English lessons such as grammar and oral pronunciation. Nothing very technical and business based. Will find out more about her and update shortly! Our class commences on Wednesday! :D

[aside ] :*slurps noodles*

I forgot to mention that at 1Utama yesterday, we each bought a pair of Crocs. I think that occasion might have been Alan's 3rd time venturing into the shop at 1Utama and finally he managed to find a pair he liked! And yes, he went goo goo gaa gaa buying pins to decorate the holes of this Crocs. Hahha a Mad-looking Cow and a cutesy Duckling! I swear I married a little boy, sometimes! hahahaha Anyway, he bought his to replace his holEy pair (courtesy of Jay Jay and Ash) and I bought mine...errr..... I don't have a reason. But then again, we WOMEN don't NEED one to shop, ya? Especially, since the purchases are fully paid for. *beams*

My Crocs are more sophisticated. Take a look! At least I wouldn't look like Ronald Macdonald when I roam the streets of KL!

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