Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seed-like Wonders

When I woke up today and ventured to Jay Jay's cage all sleepy-eyed, I got a great SHOCK of my life. In the cage lay his stools. And in his stools lay some seed-like things. MANY seed-like things. I was quickly reminded of all the alien movies I had watched.

We peered and peered through the mess, trying to determine what the "seeds" were. Barley? Green beans? All of which were almost impossible for the lil one to dig up. and then I realised : IT WAS RAT POISON!!! The pest-control people had come the previous day and sprayed the house for ants. I guess they had put two boxes of rat poison on the ground as bait. I had noticed only one box and put it one side. I hadn't seen the other one, next to the washing machine!

POOR JAY JAY!!!! His greed has caused his irritable bowels! Hahahah. But the fella, surprisngly, is alive and well, without any after-effects of having his delicious breakfast (or late night supper). Weird? So Alan concluded:

a) The rat poison is ineffective.
b) The rat poison is ineffective on dogs.
c) Jay Jay drinks too much water and has flushed out all the poison.
d) We have a greedy pup.

Perhaps it is all of the above.

I am suffering from a headache. Had it since last evening and woke at around 3+am this morning because it was pounding. One wonders how to get through today. I have classes with Hayden, Avik and Su Li starting from 230pm till 9pm. We'll see.

It is late and we are talking to our daughter online now. She is pouting because she wants her hp and I am refusing BECAUSE I HOLD THE PURSE STRINGS! MUAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, we will be back in Spore on Monday evening till goodness-knows-when. So who wants to meet up and ParTYyyyYYY let me know ahhhhhhh!!! *grins happily* There's no place like

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