Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Sunday (Chao Ji Xing Qi Tian!)

Gonna drop a few quick lines and then slap an SKII mask on my traumatised face. My pimples are sprouting - you know that's a rare occurence- and I must eradicate them!

We went out early as Alan wanted to hit some balls at the driving range. We are new members of KLGCC (KL Golf and Country Club) so you have to excuse Alan's enthusiasm. Apparently the club is very prestigious and only for the rich and famous. ;p

I almost reached Nirvana as Alan's balls flew beyond 250m and finally when it was all over, I hopped outta my seat in the shade and we went for lunch at the restaurant in the club. Delicious!

Then, it was 1Utama that beckoned. We booked our tickets to catch sexy Andy Lau and fatty Samo Hung at 420pm and rushed to cut our hair at Michael and Guys. Francis did my hair and did a pretty good job, I must say. All for Rm65. Of course, his flirting and insisting that if he'd cut my hair any sexier than all the girls on the streets would be envious of me didn't do a thing for my already very-inflated-ego.

We literally had to run to the movies after that. *pant pant pant* Three Kingdoms. Oh god, how can Andy Lau look so sexy even at his age!!! I sure the older he gets, the more manly! *gush* Ok because many si gin nahs read this blog, I have to stop my drooling.
Maggi Q looked androgynous and scary and Samo just looked , like how he always looks, Fat. We missed the first few minutes of the show and I was lost in the ancient Chinese history. Alan was captivated, of course. Chinese History and him go hand-in-hand. He also frowned on the Malay couple seated on our right as the male was painstakingly reciting the whole history to the female to further confuse her. The children one row in front of us were also making a nuisance of themselves and the lil girl had to pee every half an hour. (for comments on children, refer to my previous entry : Children - Boon or Bane?)

Dinner was a quick and light and inexpensive affair at our fav nyona haunt. and then it was home.

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