Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chan and Mah

I am waiting for my new student Corrina to turn up in 5 minutes. Nursing a headache. Been having one since Sunday. It's terrible.

Then Hayden will do a description of a birthday party today. Complete with pictures I have printed out from the internet (flickr).

And I shall meet Darnia alone tonight and find out whether she REALLY has an attitude issue.

I swear my hair will fall from so much MSG. I've just finished my lunch of Indon noodles (dry). delicious and ultra - salty! YikeS. There's nothing left in the fridge 'cept 2 age-old apples, 1/2 piece of dried up liver, mint leaves and 5 eggs. Oh yes and ONE piece of moo-moo cow cheese. Tomorrow Alan and I will Scissors Paper Stone to see who gets the cheese for breakfast.

I am such a BAD WIFE. :P

On the flip side, business is booming. The fortune-tellers who said I'd make it big if and only if I'd work hard are right. They just neglected to mention that my "big" is counted in terms of ringgit. Hahahhaa. Oh well.

Corrina is a free lance travel agent who is barely fluent but tries very hard. She studied English up till SPM and is now seeking to improve and enrich herself. I will see her on 2 days of the week from 10-11am. She's coming again this Friday.

I've done the "Chan" and will do the "Mah" tonight after 8pm and after a delicious and well-deserved diner at Old Klang Lama. YaYeee. I go n drink tea now to wash down the salt and then sit on the OSIM until my butt rots.

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