Friday, April 4, 2008

Nasi Goreng Istemewa~

I made Nasi Goreng Istimewa to share amongst three families. ahhahaa. Making friends with neighbours is fun! I never used to be close to mine. Anyway, I am waiting to go work off the Carls' Junior calories soon and then will have tuition with Hayden in the late afternoon after his swim.

I wonder if the the forever-absent-without-apologies-student will be absent again tonight? Our second ( and last) tuition was two weeks ago. It's very rude of her and I have saved her two of my evening slots every week, only to discover (or be informed at the last minute) that she would not be coming for tuition. And the WORST is she NEVER apologizes! NEVER. I guess she's an only child, very used to getting what she wants and imposing on others to achieve her goals. I can't stand it. I shall source for more students and then let her go. *fumes*

*yawnz* I havent even ploughed thru' half of HOLES yet. I'm screwed! Sunday's the lesson. ahhahaa. Nevermind, there's always the poetry section :D

7:21pm and I have just come back from tuition. Of course the forever-absent-without-apologies-student will not be coming again tonight. Her excuse? It was raining at 3pm and therefore at 7pm the roads will be congested (her prediction is that the rain would continue). Alan's right, I doubt she's gonna pay me my dues. Oh well, yet another charity case again.

Hayden wrote a composition today about Xiao Ding Dang and his solving a fight between the moon and the rainbow. The mum was so impressed that she decided to up my pay automatically even after I tried to refuse. Hahaha. Wow this has never happened to me before! *gets down on knees and thanks her father for forcing her to teach*

Dinner will be in tonight and I am going to busy myself with reading about HOLES! Jiu Ming Ah!

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