Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Busy Weekend

5 April 2008 (Saturday)

I gave Anviksha tuition from 9 -11am whilst Alan did his work at the study table. At the end of the lesson, I then taught her how to write a receipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and we had fun in the kitchen, baking batch after batch for all to savour.

Then, we walked Jay Jay downstairs and brought him to "make friends" with the huge German Sherperds caged up for security patrol. Our little pup shivered during the close encounter. Hahaha very cute.

We ventured to the garden and Jay Jay basked under the caresses and strokes of many a resident of Sri Tiara. Even the security guards found him to be such a lovely little one. It is easy to bond with people from all walks of life with your hand holding a leash connected to a cute little toy dog.

In the early evening, we drove towards Pavilion Shopping Mall but made a detour (because the roads were closed) and ended up having dinner at a road-side hawker stall. The Hokkien Mee, Egg Horfun and Pork and vege soup did not look appetising but I ate heartily because of the lack of lunch.

We arrived at Pavilion in no time and then bought movie tickets. Instead of the Three Kingdoms (which was fully booked), we bought Nim's Island, which was a lovely and inspirational show. The monitor lizard was Alan and my favourite character in the whole movie. Hahaha. Very adorable. I want one too! Before the movie, though, we savoured some hokkien noodles in banana leave at the foodcourt of Pavilion after our short shopping stint. And also had a cuppa at Toastbox.

6 April 2008 (Sunday)

For once, we woke up relatively early and we headed to Imbi Palace for a dim sum breakfast. We ordered many dishes such as char siew pau, some interesting soup, century egg porridge etc.
Then, we went to Pavilion to satisfy Alan's urge to crone his lungs away. We signed up at Red Box and sang (yes, just the two of us) from around noon till 3pm. And then we headed off on foot to Sungei Wang to buy us some entertainment.

Now we are home, waiting for the rain to stop so that we can have frog legs for dinner!!! Yipeee....

1131pm- We had frogs legs with chicken essence, kangkong with sambal belachan and also a new specialty of the chef's , fried toufu with jellyfish. Marvelous! Then, we returned home to watch The Waterhorse on dvd.

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