Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Blues?

It's mid-day and Alan has just commenced battling rifle-armed terroists. Talk about Men and their Guns :P I am getting ready for my first tuition class with 4 young adults tomorrow. Hahaha. Quite excited :)

Body's aching from all that pumping and I do hope I resemble Jessica Alba soon. hahahah. Ya rite :P Maybe from 2km away? The stuff dreams are made on....

Ahhhh I am waiting in anticipation for my Taipei rendezvous. Shopping! Shilin Chicken? Oyster Meesuar!!? Ahhhhhhh... *skipS*

And then Singapore beckons!! And my ol' so sweet 4C1 gals are arranging a get-together!!! *excited* It's been so long since we've got together as a "family" and I can't wait!!! They are the sweetest class ever and my best days in Crescent were when I was their form teacher. *beams with nostalgia*

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Robinson Bucci said...

nice blog.
sharon, you are beautiful.