Thursday, April 3, 2008

The True Tai Tai Experience!

Wow what a fulfilling day! It truly started when I left for Hayden's house to give the 5-year-old tuition. Hahaha. He had brought "Gavin Bear" to the movie The Waterhorse last Sunday and was to write a diary entry to his teacher about it.

I went fully equipped with my bag of goodies (stickers, nice bear bear writing paper 'n' an envelope, glue, scissors, lil paper flowers etc). The boy was enthralled and together we wrote a lovely entry for the teacher and decorated the pages with my tweety-bird stickers and lil red roses ! What a lovely time!

After the tuition Shirene and I chatted animately away and then she invited me to join her for a salon visit. She was to drop Hayden off at another tuition and she had some time to burn. We were chauffeured around in the mercs and had a utterly fulfilling time at the salon with Peter scrubbing my short and traumatised tresses and giving me a head and neck massage.

Then it was off to the Thursday-only high-class for-expats Pasar Malum nearby in Mount Kiara. I bought some mangoes and grapes and a RM12 shawl for myself whilst Shirene picked up dinner for the family and some stickers to motivate Hayden with (purchase was done at my recommendation).

We picked up the satisfied Hayden (who had baked 2 butterfly cupcakes) and was happily stuffing his face with one and spilling chocolate rice all over the car and made our way home. I then invited the boy over to play with Jay Jay whilst Shirene went to throw some grains into the rice cooker. We then spent sometime writing to Hayden's father to inform him that his son was missing him and wanted him to bring him pony-riding. I told mother and son to get the letter 'posted' in the letter box downstairs. hahahah.

Mr Tan picked Mrs Tan up and they both had a fulfilling and utterly sinful dinner at Mid Valley's Carl's Junior. I hung my head in shame as I had only worked out once all of this week. But that did not stop me from chomping down my portobello mushroom beef burger! *slurps*

We did a quick grocery shopping expedition at Cold Storage and even picked up a bottle of wine to satisfy my cravings. A-A here I come! *clink* Then headed home to rest and relax and chill.

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