Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Security Breech

Hello Hello

I've just finished tuition with Anviksha and a chit-chat with her mum (like all tai tais do). Everyone in the condo is getting worried about security breeches here in Sri Tiara. It's not a very safe place to live in. Gonna censor all the gory details to spare my mum the worry but it's safe to say that it's not a very safe place to reside in for now. HAHAHA.

The management has brought in a HUGE German Shepard though to combat the above predicament. Ahhhh I love big dogs. We should have gotten a Rotteweiler. The one you saw in my blog months ago, when Zesa and Sheng were visiting. I'd feel safer with one. Of course, there's no telling when the Rotte will turn around and feast on my limbs.. But that'd be another story. My previous Rotteweiler, Champion, was a sweetie. He would run up and down in my garden in the terrace and dig holes to bury his imaginary bones in. My Boxer, King, was a stoner who snored in his sleep and chased irate boyfriends (mine and yvonne's) around the dining table in our apartment. Ash has since replaced him, much to the delight of my mama. Jay Jay's a real guard-dog, I must say and he growls and barks at the top of his voice when he hears footsteps or voices outside our unit. However, one wishes that he could grow to look a little more intimidating. Ok ok , to keep trespassers away, I vow not to dress Jay Jay in his cutesy costumes anymore! hahaha.

I'll have the whole day today to lounge around and I really need to start ploughing through the book, HOLES asap for I have Literature tuition this Sunday at 10am.

Anviksha's mum also wants me to tutor her 7-year-old son. hahahha. He's a cutie. Last week, he brought his certificates of achievement (in football) to me for me to gasp over. hahaha. I'm great with (other people's) kids!


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