Sunday, March 30, 2008

The last Saturday in March

It's Sunday at 12:12am and god I'm feeling tired. The Husband is busy battling terrorists on the silver screen and I am sitting with Jay Jay on the coach and just relaxing.

I gave Litereature tuition today and had a nice two hours with this lovely girl who is smart and speaks very well. Ahhhh I miss all this stimulation! Then we left to bring Jay Jay for grooming as his hair was getting very unruly.

Lunch was at the huge ma-mak shop opposite Corus Hotel which Mrs Lee, Karen and I had eaten at, together with the ACSI teachers when we went to KL for scholar recruitment. I was craving for a good briyani but was not satisfied as the Indian man on the other side of the coutner, purposely picked the boniest piece of mutton for me to go with my rice :P

We hit KLCC after that and bought tickets for the Jessica Alba flick, Aware. Coffee Bean sunrise brightened my day and so did the good plot of the movie. After the movie, we went back to retrieve our exhausted doggie and sent him back home. Then we hit the gym (my 4th time this week) and worked up an appetite.

Dinner was an adventure. We went to this restaurant that was highly recommended by Alan's Sales Director, just behind our condo. It's called restoran Xiu Xiu. Not bad. We steamed a fish and had vege and pork to go with it. The interesting thing about this restaurant, is not so much its food, but the location.

It appeared in the clearing only after driving a minute or two through the wilderness. The path was foggy and eerie, the perfect setting for a murder scene. The food? Quite average.

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