Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two New Students!

As the title suggests, I have been busy today. Neeru called and asked if I could start tuition with Avik today at 4pm. I juggled my schedule around and then told her that her suggestion was A-OKAY!

Hayden came at around 230pm and I got him to play a Sequence Game on the book that we had read yesterday together. He's really good and he could identify which event came first etc..We put them all together and drew a time line on a huge piece of butcher sheet. And then we traced the events and Hayden wrote them down. Then, the FUN PART began!!

Hayden drew his classic crocodile and cute lil dragonfly with more than 2 eyes and also a mouse which looked like a turtle. I gave my input : a cheeky-looking elephant, brown mouse, green dragonfly, wise-looking turtle and also some clouds to accompany the glaring Mr Sun!
We coloured the drawings with paint, crayons and markers and had alot of fun. Hayden's present today for being a GOOD BOY? A flower magnet done by Yours Truly! :D Boy was he pleased. He even got to stick his own magnet on it!!!!

Then, 15mins after Hayden bade me goodbye, I left for Avik's house for our one-hour-tuition. My first lesson with him was spent describing Mr Pele, his idol and Brazilian football star. Avik's a talented soccer player and that was a good starting ground to motivate him to write. :) I will have to print a photo of Mr Pele on my trusty printer soon to decorate his essay! :D

After a short chat with Neeru, Anviksha and Avik after our lesson, I rushed back home to await the Mahs. The father had read my advert on the internet and emailed me a couple of times yesterday. He had requested to meet me, together with his wife and my potential student, his daughter, to "ascertain" if I was suitable (read: capable enough) to teach his daughter who had recently transferred from a local private Primary School to a reputable international school in KL.

The whole family arrived early (545pm) and trooped into my apartment then. It was a long and interesting "interview". The girl looked pretty sullen and expressed rebellion towards her parents. Apparently she was upset with them for taking away her computer connection.

Her mum proceeded to announce what both parents thought was "wrong" with her and gave me a long run-down of the dear girls perceived faults. *sigh*

Anyway, suffice to say, your wonderful full-time tuition teacher charmed the pants off (metaphorically pls!) the parents and got the job!

Aside: Ok , ok . it's time to change the title of my blog to : A Day in the Life of a Tuition Teacher!!! I have 2 young students (one 6 and one 8), 3 teenagers and 4 adult students (the 31-year old will be starting in May!) I think that's even for now. I don't even have time to go shopping!!!! *pouts*

In the evening, Alan and I had a lovely dinner at Robson Heights. We had two crabs (in a special sauce that tasted like cheese - smack lips) and pork and vege. We treated ourselves to such a delicious meal which was well-deserved for working so hard !!!

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