Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An email of FreeDoM!

I forgot to post this piece of information yesterday. Alan has found me a new student! His office I.D. hahahah! We will start in May on Saturdays, I guess.

And I just received two emails from this Mr. Mah who is enquiring about English tuition for his daughter. O man. I am swamped.

Anyway, today I wrote a long and polite email to Stephanie to let her know what I really think of her. And bascially told her that that's IT! I am not taking anymore nonsense from her. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. She still owes me some ringgit and I told her to transfer the money over (like HELL she's gonna do it). But thank heavens for this decision!!!!! (FREEDOM FROM IRRITATION AT LAST!)

I had tuition with Hayden today. Today he was a bit restless. We only managed to do some spelling, read a book and then write a short review on the book The Selfish Crocodile. Tomorrow we shall do more!

There's E Literature tuition with Su-Li later tonight whilst Alan's out with his CEO. Will be working till 9pm tonight (me!)

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