Friday, April 11, 2008

It was a Sleepless Night. zzZzZzzz

I lay awake most of last night, alert and sleepless. Must have been the two cuppas. I am now suffering the after-effects. God I am zombified! XP

Anyway, I just came home from Mid valley mega mall. Alan had a breakfast meeting at the CB there and I popped over to CJ for a hot and steaming bowl of noodles on my own. Today marks the first time I had actually sat alone in a restaurant and had a meal. *Claps?* But technically, I wasn't alone. My company? A magazine! hahaha.

Then, I had to grab some stuff at MPH - some reading material for Avik and some cutesy things to create cards with Hayden with. Then, Alan sent me home to stone. hahaha. I will bathe the doggie later and then take a nap. The tutor has no tuition (for once) today and will therefore cook dinner this evening for The GM and herself.

The end.

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