Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today's Tuesday and because tuition was pushed forward to yesterday, I am relatively free-er in the day today. I am supposed to have tuition with Stephanie this evening, but I highly doubt she'd show. I've even made plans with Alan to go grocery shopping and have dinner out tonight!!! She has cancelled FIVE times on me consecutively already. *shake head*

Anyway, last night's lesson with the three young adults was very fun! Thank God (and Alan) for my whiteboard and I could better illustrate my points as well. I taught them some new words like "promote", "well-being", "marine creatures", "introduce" etc... We did some picture description and also a short comprehension with the story entitled, "Danny's New School". Sounds familiar? hehehe!

When we went through a short story which I had given them 1 week ago, I realised that the three of them had really put in the effort to understand the story and check the words that they didn't understand up in the dictionary. Sometimes, they even had to write down the meaning of the foreign word in Chinese to better aid their memories. But since I had seen their hard work and determination to improve, I was very pleased and motivated. :)

And because our classes will cease till 5 may, I piled them with homework - spelling, 2 picture descriptions, a short exercise in the assessment bk. All were received with positivism. I'm impressed! *claps*

Teaching is a really meaningful occupation. Of course, the pay is peanuts here, but I do enjoy every second of it! Hahahahah.

Ahhhh I feel like going for a swim and I probably will later on today. :D

It's 1030pm now and we are relaxing to the soothing sounds of a chill-out CD.
We've just gotten back from Siu Siu restaurant and had a steamed fish, soya sauce orawns and vege for RM77.

Alan's on the chair again and I am updating my blog and releasing some steam. Stephanie not only didn't return my three smses (one at ard 11+am, one around 2+pm and one around 5+pm) and I called her after my gym session at around 545pm , only to find out that her phone had been switched off!!!!

She is obviously avoiding me and payment to me. She still owes me RM175 in total for two lessons and she got me to buy her a book on her behalf which obviously she hasn't paid for. In total, she has consecutively cancelled FIVE LESSONS with me! How irresponsible and rude! I really really take my hat off to her. In my whole life, she is my WORST student.

ok time to sleep. Tomorrow is a long day. :D

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