Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Blues?

It was barely afternoon when Hayden's mum called and requested that I push forward tomorrow's tuition lesson to today. I scampered to produce a lesson plan shortly after my baked beans and tomato soup luncheon and decided that today we would be doing comprehension and composition. ;) Every lesson, Hayden produces a one-page long 'essay' much to his mother's delight. Today will not be an exception.

H's mum had been gushing and gushing over the phone about how swiftly his reading and writing had improved (as certified as well by his form teacher). Apparently, the class had been asked to describe a leaf and Hayden had written. "The wind blew a leaf down from the tree. The leaf was cold and lonely....etc" ahhhhh.. How clever the use of personification! :) And he had also apparently used some words we had learnt in our tuition class together! :) Smart boy! Now people, you tell me, do I make a good teacher or what? ahahahaha.

245-345pm was our class and we used a prose for a comprehension QnA session. To add on to that, we adapted the story and personalised it to make it Hayden's New School instead of Danny's! It was fun and the little one was rewarded with Transformer stickers and an Ultraman magnetic bookmark!

It's 532pm now and I am waiting for my night class to begin. It would be yet another painfully excruciating session but this time round, I have my trusty whiteboard to reinforce my points!

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