Friday, March 28, 2008

Time Flies~~

Time flies and it's Friday again. I am proud of my will power this week. I have been to the gym twice and swam once. I shall either swim or go to the gym later on this afternoon as well.

I had tuition this morning. Stayed for almsot 3 hours! And will have another session this evening till 9pm.

Alan will be late tonite (again) and I am getting used to his busyness. My best friend is Phillips and I am glad HBO / Starmovies will be showing very good movies to prevent the staleness of my mind. Hahaha. I am currently watching Bryan Wong and Mark Lee decorate two flats in competition on Astro AEC! Hahaha. Simple Singaporean Pleasures.

6:07pm and I am back from gym. Had to give up the decision to swim because the dark clouds signaled impending rain.

hahaha My whiteboard's here. *grins* Gonna conduct English class on Monday for 4 adults so Alan sourced for a whiteboard for me to teach properly! Thank Cube Laogong! Wan Shui Wan Shui Wan Wan Shui!

7:01pm. Oh I suddenly got another tuition job. Gonna give adhoc tuition to this girl whose mum sounds very learned. It's very hard to find someone who can hold a conversation well here. Sadly. That's why there's such a big market for English tuition. :D So tomorrow I shall teach my Favourite subject : English Literature! Yipeee! (Oh no I sound like a bladdy nerd.)

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