Saturday, December 15, 2007

An evening at the Pavilion

The earlier half of the day was spent in Lanson Place. We woke up at around 9am (Jay Jay let us sleep in this morning) and trooped down to breakfast at the cafe after feeding and playing with our son.

Alan and I then decided to be disciplined and send the clothes for washing. We lugged the brimming basket of soiled clothes to the laundrette on the 12th storey and loaded two washing machine-loads of clothes to be washed. Then we headed next door to the TV-room to catch The Holiday on HBO. Ahhh Jude Law was gorgeous... and his British accent, oooo I like! But Kate Winslet and Jack Black?? Abit... tah match?!?

When the clothes were in the dryer, we went back to our room to start packing up. Oh, by the way, we will be moving to our new home in Mid Valley area on 6 January! So begun our wrapping of all the breakable stuff and stuffing them into boxes. We saw the likes of photo-frames, tea light holders, aromatheraphy burners, and all our beautiful fridge magnets being packed and put away.

The apartment in Mid Valley is much bigger - 1800 sq feet. There will be more room for two pesky lil fur balls as well! And I will be able to cook happily there and do all my baking as the kitchen is big. There is even a backyard to put the two dog cages and they provide a washing machine as well - no more paying 6RM per wash load!!!

Anyway, after everything was done, we showered and took off for Pavilion to catch a movie. Alan took the roads less travelled and we got there at record speed.We chose Warlords - a Chinese movie with 2 yandaoz and 1 old man (Andy Lau, Takeshi and Jet Li respectively) at 640pm.

SHOPPING was next on the list! We hopped in and outta many different shops in search of a nice sweater for Alan and saw some buyable ones in CK, Amarni Exchange etc. I also chanced upon a MANGO sale but as usual couldn't find anything to buy there.

Dinner was settled at the food court and it was a good choice! Food Republic gave its patrons many different options and we chose Taiwanese food tonight. *Smack Lips* A relatively tasteless pohpiah was added to supplement our diet. Then we hurried into the cinema (not before buying a regular popcorn again).

The movie was alright but the scruffy-state of the hunks left abit more to be desired. I cannot understand why the actress was cast as well as she isn't your usual oriental beauty. Oh well..
It was almost 9pm when we stepped out of the cinema and again stepped on the accelerator to get home to feed the starving son (after tucking into a New Zealand icecream cone each).

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