Monday, December 17, 2007

A Well-Spent Sunday

16 December 2007 Sunday

We woke late today and had a leisurely breakfast at the cafe downstairs. Fried noodles, nasi lemak, yoghurt, etc. *cringe* In a way, I am thankful, we are only allocated breakfasts on the weekends. ;p

After playing a while with Jay Jay, we showered and got ready for the KLCC expedition. Alan had reserved a sweater from Calvin Klein the previous day at Pavilion, to be collected from the outlet at KLCC today.

We arrived at KLCC around noon and begun to walk around. We picked up a different sweater at CK, nicer than the one we reserved..cheaper too! And walked around somemore. I tossed a coin and decided to cut my hair at Saw Salon (instead of Fusion), even though Alan didn't have a very good experience the other time he was there in AUgust.

I left Alan and got into the salon chair, to be served by Andy. Alan went on his way to buy his pressies for his colleagues. In an hour and a half, Alan got back and was astounded to see that his wife was now sporting a very short, boyish hairstyle. He tried to hide his displeasure but I knew him too well. hahaha. He presented me with a very thoughtful present - a Arts and Craft Book from Kino. :D Yay.. I can add to my collection of clay figures already!

Anyway, we continued the Xmas present buying saga. And at the end of the day, all but crawled back to the car to get home to Lanson. Once we arrived home, we quickly got e'thing ready and bathed Jay Jay in his very first bath with his parents. hahaa. The fella splashed around in his bath basin, probably not enjoying every moment of it. After shampooing him and conditioning his fur, we then dried him with the hotel hair dryer. ;D He became our lil' fluff friend again. *grins*

Excited by the prospect of adding to our clay figuring collection, Alan and I flipped open the newly-bought bk and found a cute picture of an Easter bunny inside. Both of us then proceeded to knead the left-over clay according to the instructions printed. A kangaroo-looking Easter Bunny emerged after a while and we sent it into the oven for baking. :)

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