Friday, December 14, 2007

Does 1 Utama Beckon?

Today is Friday! YaY. Hence begins another weekend of leisure..since when are weekdays not of leisure too? hahaha.

I think we are going to 1 Utama today. I wanna replenish my stock of clay to continue generating the Bear Clan. haha. I will also look out for clay modelling instruction booklets. Maybe can make dogs, cats, etc. More fun! I love Arts & Craft and I am glad I finally have a chance to indulge. ;) It sure beats marking the mountaineous mock exams anyway. bleah. THAT I will NEVER miss.

Anyway, the posting for the JC entry is out and apparently the JCs have risen their standards again. What's with the world man? ;p It's another month before the O Level results will be released as well. Hope all of them will do well :) *pray pray*

Alrightie, I'm busy packing (happily) for Singapore. hahaha. Will update whenever. :D


Yes, indeed we visited 1 Utama and had a fruitful time! Today's main motive was to purchase winter wear. Having heard the traumas of visiting Hokkaido in freezing (-15 degrees celcius and below), Alan and I decided to invest somemore to equip ourselves fully.

We ventured into some shops and within ten minutes of having parked the car, Alan had bought me a lovely sweater for 89RM. At another, I bought a t-shirt and a top for mummy. At yet another shop, I bought a demin jacket with a green hood for 89RM too. Original price 149RM. Alan also purchased a thick woollen sweater and a scarf for mama both of which were on sale. :)

Hunger pangs struck after the buying was done and we decided to be adventurous and try a newly-opened Chinese restaurant called Canton-I. The beautiful decor was one-of-a-kind and we started our ordering spree - two bowls of pig inards porridge, 2 egg tarts, 2 salted egg custard buns, 1 chicken feet and 2 glasses of hot soya bean milk. Ooo La Laa... sounds like a feast again yeah? hahaha.

As we were tucking heartily into the delectable dishes, suddenly the lights went out. We were silently glad that we had been served all our orders so we could still tuck in albeit in the darkness. hahaha. After approximately 15mins, the lights came back on, just in time for us to call for the bill.

Ridden with guilt again for abandoning our puny son for an exciting day out, we headed back to Lanson to feed and play with JayJay.

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