Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jay Jay is Home!

Alan and I were very disappointed as we were told that we could not fetch Jay Jay home yesterday due to various reasons. However, we went to visit him at the pet shop and also shop for his barang barang. We came home with a cage, some toys, towels, a wash basin to bathe him in etc.

1630 hrs

Jay Jay is home and sleeping soundly in his lil new home. :D He is a soft, fluffy ball of fur. Very active when awake but he falls asleep easily. He also squeals a helluva lot and just peeed on his towel in his cage ;p Hence begins my trauma of being his chambermaid for the rest of my life! *curtsey*

Anyway, enjoy the photographs taken at Petsmore, on the way back home (he was seated in the volvo's drinks compartment - YES he is THAT small) and at home. hahaha. We, new parents, are trigger happy! I'm cooking dinner at home tonight so that we don't have to dine out and Alan can spend more time with his second son. Ash, Daddie & Mummie love u lots lots too ok? We'll see u soon!

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