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Our Thai Weekend Whirlwind Escapade

7 December Friday


Even though this would be our fourth trip to BKK together, Alan and I were full of anticipation.

We roused as early as 430am to shower and get ready to leave for the airport to catch ourf flight to the exciting land of Bangkok! The taxi-driver was early and waiting when we lumbered down with an empty suitcase and he sped us to the LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) in KL , an hour's drive away.

Arriving at LCCT, we were greeted by a mass and mess of people who were all waiting to board different Air Asia flights to various destinations. We joined the queue with the longest people (of cos, knowing our luck) and waited for our turn to check-in. The wait was long and painful and it took all of our patience and most of our sanity to finally reach the counter. By then, our flight AK 880 was almost about to leave. We hiked up our jeans and made a wild dash for the departure gate, only to be greeted by yet another queue. There were no allocated seats for the plane ride and Alan and I were lucky to be seated side by side. Hence, begining our Thai weekend rendezvous!

We arrived at the beautiful BKK airport and checked out of the immigration with much-appreciated speed. After claiming our baggage, we proceeded to have our first meal of the day in the airport. Alan's favourite sticky rice with mango (he berated me for buying only half a mango instead of a whole) and rice rolls wrapped with pork and shrimp were on the menu and we munched on them thankfully.

Why you buy only 1/2 a mango?

The taxi ride from the airport to Paul's (my brother-in-law) apartment in Soi Langsuan 55, Fraser Place was a mere half an hour away and we got through that admist soft snores and gentle nods of our heads. After paying 350baht for the ride (with a 10baht tip the driver initiated for himself), we check-into #29-03.

The interior of the apartment was as lovely as the exterior and we explored the two-bedroom unit with relish and excitement. The decor of Fraser Place is very modern and classy and the facilities provided were state-of-the-art. :) Very nice, Paul!

After freshening up, we left the apartment for Part One of the Itinerary. We made our way on foot to the shrine of the 4-faced Buddha (our main purpose of coming to BKK) and gave thanks for a very wonderful & eventful year. I asked Alan whether he wanted to release some tiny sparrow-like birds caged up and sold outside the temple (More Birds, More Luck- to quote the Indian girl from the American Express advert) but he said no.

Asking for Blessings from 4-faced Buddha

After that, we went to Alan's favourite tailor near Siam Paragon / Novotel Siam Sq and Alan made 4 new pairs of pants (claiming that his were all worn to bits). We dined next door to the tailor at a very popular restaurant Alan had eaten before in. Ahhhh.. The delicious fried fish, chicken wings, Pad Thai, Thai mixed salad, fried pork, and two sweet, young coconuts left our bellies bulging and mouths grinning.. Mmmmm YUM!

Tailoring his pants

Next, we treated ourselves to a fabulous 2-hr traditional thai massage at our favourite HealthLand Spa at North Sathorn Road, St 12. Our aching muscles were kneaded and treated like they belonged to a Thai SEA Games long distance runner who had just won the gold medal. All for 450Baht (Approx SGD $22.50) per head. I LikE!

The Lobby of Healthland Spa
After that rejuvenation, we were raring to go and hopped into a cab and scooted to Chinatown to meet Paul for a much-anticipated dinner at T &K Restaurant, Chinatown. Ahhh.. Let me recount the menu: Sharks Fins soup, Fish Maw Soup, Steamed fish, BBQ huge prawns, fried morning glory (KangKong). *chomp chomp* Too bad I was still reeling from the after-effects of lunch and could not stomach alot. But I washed down dinner with a bowl of birdsnest to ensure long-lasting youth and beauty. hahaa. *excuses, excuses*

After dinner, we headed to Suan Lom night bazzar and made a beeline for the petshops. Ooooo.. There was one REALLY happening pet shop at the fringe of Suan Lom and so many pretty lil pups were inside. We ordered a Gucci and an LV bed for Ash and Jay Jay and bought our 2nd son a cute lil jumper. Then, we proceeded to comb the streets of Suan Lom.

Nothing much to buy but we made home with a cute lil paper mache giraffe I had seen approx 2 years ago in Malacca and quite afew doggie clothes. hahaha. Then, because we were quite stoned from waking up so early that morning and the travelling, we decided to head back to Fraser Place for an early night. A Feast !

The Spoils of my Victories

8 December Saturday


After a light bf at the restaurant at Fraser's, Alan and I headed to ChaTuChak for some shopping. Both of us hadn't been there in years in avoidance of the human congestion and the heat but we decided to give it a shot!

Does Alan look like a rapper from hell? Artificial Fruits

Just after alighting from our cab and barely having stepped foot into the bazzar itself, I had already purchased 2 pairs of earrings, one t-shirt and 3 caps for our Japan trip. hahaha. Alan and I were astounded and beaming.
This time round, although the human traffic was bad, it wasn't that congested and the heat wasn't that overbearing. We kinda went CRAZY at the animals zone and cuddled many a pup. The doggie clothing sold there was even cheaper than that at Suan Lom and of cos, not to miss out on a good bargain, we BOUGHT SOMEMORE LORH! ahhaha. Jay Jay has a suitcaseful of singlets, sweaters, jumpers, t-shirts etc etc. Ash has a couple too! It was a bit sad to see so many animals all squeezed into cages or being fondled by many hands and suffering in the heat. Very cruel. There were some squirrels tied to the cages too. Lil tiny rabbits in cages. and I even saw a small lil' bat. ;p

We bought many artsy stuff also and some candle holders for our new house in Mid Valley. Of cos the knick-knacks were irresitable and I saw no point in even attempt to justify my purchases because of the cool exchange rate. 1 SGD = almost 23 Baht.

Lunch was at ChatuChak itself, in a fancy but mosquito-infested airconditioned restaurant. I had tasty red duck curry with rice noodles and Alan had a plate of bland horfun. With that sustenance, we were energised and dived back into the snaking narrow alleys of ChatuChak with gusto!

Fresh from ChatuChak

Approximately 5hours after we arrived, we sadly bade farewell to the ChatuChak and headed back to Fraser Place to dump all our spoils of victory. Then we went to the tailor for Alan to try on his pants and then we had dinner at Siam Paragon. The X'mas festive cheer was in the air and there were many people taking photographs of the exterior which was ablaze with many lights. There was even an ice sculptor of a bear/ rat / dunno-what animal!

At the foodcourt, we had our favourite Kaya toast, Taro toast . Very fulfilling! We added on my favourite rice roll (pork) and had some hot milo to complement the dinner.

Then off we went to Suan Lom Night Bazzar. But this time we took the BTS (mrt). The stupid woman (see pic below) at the information counter gave us the wrong information and we had to buy another ticket and take another train before we finally got to our destination! Terrible service! BLEAH!

How to go to Suan Lom kup?!?

On Our first BTS ride in BKK.

We reach Suan Lom successfully in approx half an hour and made a dash for the the cute petshop to pick up our Gucci and LV. haahha.
On the way, I quelled the urge to buy the artificial muffins/scones/buns. O god, they looked so real - they were even FLUFFY!
We ooohhh and ahhhhhed at the two schnauzers in the play pen in the pet shop and comtemplated buying the play-pen itself and shipping it to malaysia. Thank heavens we decided to forgo it - it weighed a tonne!

Then it was off to be treated like a King and Queen again by the sincere and giggly professionals at Healthland. Tonight, we opted for a 3hour pampering - 1.5hrs of traditional thai massage, 0.5hr of herbal heat compress and 1hr of foot reflexology! All for 1000Baht (approx SGD $50) / head. *drools* ok ok i will save for a rainy day! promise!

9 December Sunday

BF at restaurant in Fraser

We got up and faced the prospect of going back to KL moodily. Then, deciding to make the most of the time left in sunny BKK, we gobbled down our bf and headed to MBK to do MORE shopping. I did my manicure and pedicure for a cool 500baht and we found the cute arty shop which I always buy nice paper and stickers and post-it pads for my students. However, Alan reminded me that I had no more students to buy pressies for already so I promptly put back the cute lil note pads I was planning to buy. hahaha. *occupational hazzard*

We had lunch at the foodcourt and our beefballs were swimming in salty beef stock and the strands of thick beehoon accompanying it could be counted. I was berated by the cleaner for taking photographs in the foodcourt. Wonder what's the rationale behind that rule?
We also wondered why Thais seem to feed like rabbits and as a result, our dessert was a small waffle each. Mine Almond, his Raisin - both tasted alike! Then we went to buy some foodstuff back for our parents - dried longans, porkfloss chips, cashew nuts etc..

We scampered onto the cab which brought us right to the doorstep of Fraser and we spent the next hour showering and trying to squeeze all our purchases into our now-minute suitcase and the extra handcarry bag I had had the foresight to bring.
The check-in counter for our flight AK 887 had not even opened yet when we arrived at the airport at 4pm. We ventured off in search of a light lunch and chose Black Canyon Coffee cafe. Like the name suggested, the coffee was great whilst the
wanton noodles soup and shrimp vermicelli that Alan and I had for lunch made us grimace.

Surprisingly, the plane took off only five minutes behind schedule at 605pm and we arrived at KL LCCT at 905pm, groggy and exhausted but not without a sense of exhiliration at how fulfilling our weekend had been. We definitely will be visiting BKK again SOON, right laogong? heee heee heeeeee.

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