Thursday, December 13, 2007

The movie-watching Chambermaid

I love my Gucci!

JayJay, unlike Ash, loves to drink water

I'm teething, excuse me!

Me n my fav (n only) bearbear.

I absolutely forgot how traumatic it is to pick up after dogs. ;p hahaha. I wish all dogs came with their own dog $ht picker. hahaha. O well. Once Ash comes to live with us (in feb) there's be twice is much to pick. hahaha. Laogong, can we get a maid pls? ;)

Today, I decided to be more independent and go watch Enchanted alone. After cajoling, pouting, begging, The Husband was not willing to spend 140mins of his time on something as frivalous, preferring to indulge in gore, frights and death. So thus, I took a taxi in the rain to KLCC to watch my first movie alone in KL.

X'mas tree inside KLCC

I arrive at 415pm and hurried to the queue. Because it was still early, it was still not very long and it moved quickly. I purchased "Enchanted" at 445pm and then went to walk around before the show started. Ahhhh KL is on sale because of X'mas and I excitedly hit the shops to burn some time before the show started.

I almost purchased a pair of shoes on 50% off but they did not hv it in my size. I roamed around somemore with my trusty Nikon and then went to queue to enter the cinema.

The ceiling of KLCC - nice yea?

Enchanted unfortunately, did not leave me as the name suggested and I thanked the heavens above that I did not subject The Husband to such painful torture. I was very tickled by the squealing chipmunk though. ahahhaa. I think he stole the show.

I met Alan and his colleagues at 7pm at the foodcourt for a quick dinner. The Yoshinoya set dinner (beef don and a bowl of miso soup) cost us only RM8.90! And the beef, unlike in Singapore, surpassed the rice in terms of quantity!!

Then, it was back into the cinema (this time with a packet of popcorn-sweet) to catch I AM LEGEND. Quite a heart-stopping show and heart-wrenching at times too. But the ending left much to be desired. No spoilers here - go catch it. ;p

After the movie, overcome by guilt, we rushed back to the apartment to feed and play with Jay Jay who had been alone for the whole day! Poor baby!!

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