Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Sleepy Wednesday

Woke up to the sounds of Jay Jay whining at 815am this morning. Oh dear, the lil' pup's gonna prevent me from sleeping in every morning already ;p He squeals and whines alot and is quite an attention-seeker. He hates to be locked up and loves to be let out and able to run around the house. I have almost stepped on him a couple of times yesterday and today - he is so very small!

Went out for lunch with the Husband just now and we headed to the Chinese Village to eat the steamed fish again. Today we even had a bowl of (RM6!) wanton soup to accompany our steamed fish and stir-fried veges.

Now I am stoning in the living room and fighting the sleep bug. Soothing music's on to lull Jay Jay into a slumber.. but it's working on me too!

In the evening:
It was late when Alan knocked off and fought his way through the congested roads. And since we were still brimming with all the Omega 3 from lunch, we decided that dinner would be a late affair. It was 745pm when we hurried to Hock Choon (which closes at 8) to pick up some necessities and some wants. We bought baby wet wipes for Jay Jay, some honey to make hot drinks with and also a packet of Vico. Vico is the Malaysian version of Milo. Very chocolatey, very Milo! Di Que Mei Miao! haha.
Then Alan brought me to the Japanese restaurant which he always dined in alone when I was not around for a light meal. I had Salmon porridge which came in a claypot and he had a sashimi set. Healthy and delicious. My porridge was very comforting as it was drizzling outside and very chilly. (Sorry no pics. Didn't bringt Nikon out.)
We then went home to watch Mr Brooks on DVD - weird and boring show. ;p

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