Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates on (not-so- lil') Ethan

It's Monday again. Can't believe how time seems to be flying past us. Lil' Ethan ain't that little anymore, I must admit! He's a big little boy now and I am finding it more and more difficult to feed him in the car.

He enjoys his baths now by kicking his feet and playfully threshing his arms in the tub and hence splashing water all over our wooden floor. Today, the naughty fella peed twice in the tub and poor Daddy had to refill his water twice. :P I raised my voice and told him to look at me whilst staring into his eyes and he absolutely REFUSED to meet my eyes, cheekily staring elsewhere in our white bathroom. Wah Such a NAUGHTY fella! *click tongue* He will also give you the 'I Know I'm Being Naughty' slight grin that tips the corner of his mouth slightly. hahhaah. Very amusing.

He can also play with Mommy and Daddy now. We play the "Kissing Monster Game" where Mom / Dad showers kisses VIOLENTLY onto his tummy and he will pretend to be tortured whilst enjoying every moment of it and exclaiming "AiYah AiYah" loudly! hahaha He can win an Oscar at his age!

Ethan enjoys sitting in his lime green bumbo chair as well and sometimes we turn on the TV (barney / baby einstein etc) . But he has a short attention span and after a while will be clamouring to be carried out of his throne.;p

Oh, he also can pull the cord attached to his rocker chair now and switch on the 'twinkle twinkle little star' music by himself now. I taught him by placing his hand on the cord a week ago and he has been practising every day. :)

Ethan likes his space symphony play gym too. It's made up of many dangling toys and a little mirror in the shape of the sun. Also, the structure sways with the music and it's as though his little space gym is orbiting around Ethan. haha. Quite interesting.

We have postponed Ethan's second Vaccination jab (which is due around now) till 16th March 2010 because we want to change pedatricians - from Dr Lim MK at Gleneagles (who I feel is too busy to give us the time of day) to Dr Yong S C at Pantai who has been strongly recommended by an expat parent on the expat forum. Another reason to change docs is Pantai Medical Centre is SO CLOSE to home! We shall see on 16th March if this new doc will meet expectations. :) I hope so!

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