Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Reunion

We decided to shy away from our usual barchor noodles for brunch and try something more special this late morning. By the time we had left the house after bathing the little one, it was already close to noon.

Mrs Kua had mentioned a long time ago that The Reunion in BSV was a very pricey dim sum restaurant. Pricey, but delicious. We decided to give it a shot today.

The restaurant was divided into two halves. One was the brightly lit and open area where passersby could see what you had on your plates and the other was enclosed and very dark (for a dimsum restaurant) which long flowing curtains and dim lights. Classy, we thought.

We chose the dim dark and were seated. Then we began to order - charsiew pau/ prawn rice roll/ lean meat and salted egg congee/ panfried turnip cake/ ha kao chicken feet/ roasted pork etc etc. All these delicacies filled our table. The food was good and not that expensive also and Alan and I had a good brunch. :) A special touch was given when, at the end of our meal, we were served with a fortune cookie each! It is interesting to note that my fortune " A pleasant surprise is in store for you." would come true the next day. :) *Please see blog entry dated 7/3/2010. :D

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