Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flip (not flops)!!!

I'm so, so proud of my baby! He has reached a new milestone of his life. hahaha Just now, I put him on his tummy on the changing table for some 'tummy time'. It was so funny though as he rested his head on the side of the table - very slanted. Normally, when placed on his tummy, he was struggle and complain and then burst into tears. However, today was a tad different. He looked like his mind was far away and he had that hint of a smile on his lips.

Using my imagination, I thought that was his hint for flipping and just wanted to try my luck, so I carried him and placed him into a much safer place to turn - his cot. I placed Ethan on his tummy and without further ado (and only a little encouragement from the Mommy whose heart was palpitating), he flipped himself over. hahahaha!!!

It was no fluke ok! He did it a couple of times and then once more when placed on my bed! *three cheers* heheheh. I shall post a video of it soon.

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